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DN5: A Culmination of Experience & Entrepreneurial Spirit


DN5 1Incorporated in July 2014 as a complete marine service providing company, DN5 Marine has come a long way as a unique diversified firm in marine constructions, advance inspections, shore engineering & procurement projects. In a short span of time the company has diversified its offering to cater to the needs of major sectors such as marine, civil, aviation, architecture and engineering-con-sultancy. Headed by Harish Kumar Naidu, Chief Managing Director and Christopher Gawronski, Chief Financial Director, the company forayed into Asian markets. DN5 imbibed the latest technological DN5 2advancements and further diversified its products bouquet catering the requirement of oil & gas, aviation, civil, risk management, architectural, engineering consultancy etc. “Our experience enables us to adapt quickly to unique problems and resolve potentially costly situations. In addition, we have the proven ability to customize systems and management teams for individual projects. “We accept projects as challenges, and we successfully accomplish them within the committed time period with our standard policy of safety, quality and best engineering skills and technology,” said Harish Kumar Naidu. “Our vibrant group can serve our clients even at a very short notice anywhere around the Middle East and Asia at anytime with the support of branch offices in Abu Dhabi and Mumbai,” he added.

DN5 3Marine: All marine operational services are headed by Harry and his team. Combining over two decades of expertise in offshore & onshore experience in various operational and management position, the team is well equipped to provide multiple services like construction of marine structures, air & saturation diving, NDT (Non Destructive Testing) inspectional services, structure designing, Indian Naval war ships and submarines repair and refits, and complete offshore & onshore engineering services including complete project consultancy.

Civil: The civil sector is headed by professionals from Poland with rich experience in the field. Under the umbrella of civil DN5 offers, construction of mega civil engineering projects including construction management, risk management, health and safety, design review, cost control, sub contract selection, construction supervision, project scheduling, load testing, negotiating etc.

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Aviation: The company offers a wide range of inspectional services in aviation industry, All inspections are maintained by strict quality standards that are governed by the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT), stringent Aerospace standards such as National Aerospace and Defense Accreditation Program (NADCAP) and the Airport Authority of India (AAI) and individual OEM approvals. DN5 Aviation is the Aircraft Nondestructive Testing Specialist successfully meeting the requirement of the industry over the globe.Harish Kumar Naidu

“We accept projects as challenges, and we successfully accomplish them within the committed time period with our standard policy of safety, quality and best engineering skills and technology” – Harish Kumar Naidu, Managing Director, DN5 Marine

DN5 7Architecture: DN5 is pushing hard towards modernizing its expertise by imbibing and implementing/ European advance designing technology and models into Indian market. The company provides various commercial, infrastructures, medical, environmental and residential architectural services.

The company has proved in the past by providing services to Municipality of Prishtina, Kosovo in Office of Urban Regeneration and Country Ambassador of Albania, in Euroia Summit year 2014 and its expertise play a major role in European projects like Regeneration of Loma e Drithit, ‘Welcome in Dukagjin” EU funded projects.

DN5 4Engineering-Consultancy: DN5 provides a modern and ancient complex multipurpose engineering solutions and consultancy services in civil and architecture.
Risk Management: DN5 Risk management in construction is designed to plan, monitor and control those measures needed to prevent exposure to risk. To do this it is necessary to identify the hazard, assess the extent of the risk, provide measures to control the risk and manage any residual risks.


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