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35,000 SQM FM2 Flooring with Laser Screed for a Warehouse: A Case Study

Yugal Concrete Floors
Piyush Sahni
Yugal Concrete Floors Pvt. Ltd.

Yugal Concrete Floors is a third-generation construction company currently focused on building top quality floors for industries and warehouses pan-India. Yugal Floors has successfully delivered projects across the concrete flooring spectrum comprising VNA Super-flat floors, FM2 Floors, Laser Screed Floors, Seamless Floors, Steel Fiber Reinforced Floors, Polished Concrete floors, Dust-free floors, Mezzanines and Roads across India.

Satvik Logistics, a reputed warehouse developer based in New Delhi, commissioned Yugal Floors for 35,000 sqm of FM2 flooring work and 20,000 sqm of concrete roadwork. Satvik had experienced problems with their previous floors and was keen not to repeat them in their future warehouses. Satvik shared its loading requirements and Yugal Floors took ownership of the project from there on.

To start with, Yugal did the floor slab design and conducted several ready-mix concrete trials for consistency and finishability to determine the correct design mix. Further, the panel layout developed by Yugal resulted in a massive 75% reduction in construction joints when compared with the conventional Tremix flooring that Satvik had got done earlier. Next, steel armored joints were used in combination with tied joints to protect all free construction joints from damage. Finally, the slab casting commenced after all the pre-pour planning and site preparation (laying slip membrane, installing isolation joints and fixing structural tor steel) was completed.

The floor slab was poured with M30 grade concrete with 140-150mm slump at site. The poured concrete was leveled using a Somero Laser Screed and hand tools like bump-cutters/highway straightedges were used to further improve the floor flatness and levelness. A dry-shake hardener was broadcast on the slab’s surface to increase its abrasion resistance and the floor was finished with Barikell Ride-on Trowels to a very hard and smooth finish. Level checking and rectification was done at each stage to ensure that the specified FM2 tolerance was met. A curing compound was power-sprayed straightaway on completion of finishing operations to ensure zero delay in start of curing. Groove cutting was carried out the next day, within the stipulated 24-hour period, and eventually the grooves were filled with a PU sealant. An independent third-party floor survey was conducted simultaneously and it was found that the FM2 guidelines were comfortably met. The 20,000 sqm of concrete roadwork was completed in a similar fashion.

Mr. Vaibhav Rathi, Managing Director, Satvik Logistics says “It’s 2018 now, three years since the floor was laid, and our clients (LG, Flipkart, Bosch, Patanjali, Tata Sky to name a few) are very happy with the performance of the floor. We have not had any floor repair or maintenance issues till date. Over the course of this 55,000 sqm of concrete flatwork I have found Yugal Floors to be a reliable, hard working and conscientious organization. They are really committed to quality work and provide honest and professional service. Their depth of knowledge of concrete flooring and their team’s practical on-site experience are both commendable.”

Piyush Sahni, Director, Yugal Concrete Floors says “We work hard to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our approach to business is straightforward and honest, and this helps us build trust in our customers. We are able to listen better, plan better, and build better because of our sincere attitude. The repeat orders that we consequently got from Satvik Logistics after this project are a testament to this fact.”

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