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    3D-printed skeletons for concrete structures

    C-Fab, Branch Technology

    Branch Technology’s Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab) system combines industrial robotics and material science to 3D print a large-scale, optimized lattice system for concrete structures. Branch Technology is a start-up in Chattanooga, Tennessee that is actively pursuing the intersection of technology and construction. To source the design for the first full-scale application of their system, Branch recently held the Freeform Home Design Challenge—the winning entry by WATG Urban Architecture Studio. The production of the design will start in early 2017. Platt Boyd, the Founder, and CEO of Branch Technology is enabling other designers, other business owners to create the technology that allows the design to flourish, and allows people to design in much freer ways than they previously would have been able to. Mr. Platt Boyd said that architects get paid a pittance for what they’re worth in practice, and have the skill set for doing things in an entrepreneurial sense that are far beyond what they’re doing. He is coordinating a team of engineers to create a new technology, and rather than the output being a building. Branch creates a platform for architects. The submissions for the design competition that Branch organized, showed the trends and that reflected how designers view both the current state and inherent possibilities of Branch’s technology, he said.

    Source: archinect.com
    Image source: notey.com


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