Over 400 properties in Agra asked to install rain water harvesting systems...

    Over 400 properties in Agra asked to install rain water harvesting systems

    The Agra Development Authority (ADA) has issued notices to more than 400 premises, asking them to install rainwater harvesting systems in 30 days’ time.
    rain water harvesting systems

    The owners of these properties will have to submit an affidavit with photographs of their buildings to the ADA, along with a certain security amount. In case they fail to install the rainwater harvesting systems themselves, the ADA will use the security amount to do it. Otherwise, the owners can get the amount reimbursed.

    Chief town planner, SC Gaur said, “Those who submit affidavits and photographs regarding the installation of water harvesting system will be able to get their security money released. We are working on several other plans to encourage people to conserve rain water. Soon, a city-wide campaign will be initiated in this regard.”

    According to a 2008 state government directive, every building with an area of 300 square metre or more must be equipped with a rainwater harvesting system. However, the order hasn’t been implemented in letter and spirit since.

    In order to get property owners to follow the guideline, the rules of the directive were tweaked in 2014. Now, people had to submit a security money, Rs 50,000 for a 300 to 500 square metre building and Rs 1 lakh for buildings of more than 500 square metre area, with the ADA as a guarantee that they would set up the systems. They would then seek approval for their building or house plan. The upper limit of security money is Rs 10 lakh.

    Since 2008, the ADA has approved more than 800 house maps. ADA vice chairman RS Mishra said, “Strict action will be taken against those who do not install rain water harvesting system before the start of monsoon season. Soon, spot inspections will be initiated to ensure that the notices are complied with.”

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