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    5 Ideas for Sustainable Building Design


    Creed which operates most of the radical society should not have a conflict for a particular sector or participants, but the greed of wise mortals is always heavy on pragmatic creed & especially if it’s about ecology and other faunae. Coming to the actual argument which is between 2 thoughts “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” & “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”. Definitely, both of the thoughts are viable and made for certain circumstances, but in the shed of this humans are creating every possible alternative by which their responsibility towards planet is minimized.

    Although, by adapting to first thought we should be focusing mainly on better R&D, planning, and better material alternative but humans will always take easier route irrespective of future view; but as “SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING”; we decided to go for development that will affect the environment in minimal ways.

    Just going towards the actual hierarchy of creating a structure which is having a scope – plan –design –execute-operate; so it is necessary to include sustainability of structure from the root thought itself and the stage in which it is going to propagate most is designing one. Let check the 5 ways by which we can intrude sustainable designing,

    1)    Energy Efficient – If a civil structure can sustain its own need with the help of renewable source of energy then it is called as energy efficient; there is a further structure which came under partial and complete sustainable building based on the energy exported from on renewable sources. A very recent example of this is Kochi metro in which 11 station tops contain solar panels generating nearly 13 % of energy demand.

    2)    Green Design- Concept by which a structure is able to minimize carbon foot prints by its own. Horizontal gardens, vertical roof top gardens, rain water harvesting …etc. comes under this  ; aware generation and current market leaders are showing a good interest in it which can help other countries to follow the path of Bhutan (Only carbon -ve nation)



    3)    Lean thinking –This methodology may not affect the sustainability directly as it deals with increasing value of a process/product by minimizing the wastages, but there is a simple equation wastage are directly proportional to the pollution; e.g. -: 2-3 % wastages are acceptable for steel rebar which means that much steel goes to scrap and processed again which needs more energy resulting in more pollution, so if wastes are controlled paucity in pollution would surely occur.

    4)    Statutory Regulations-Although many modern day countries follow local municipal regulations to counter carbon footprints; & one of the best examples of this is Turkey. But still, countries where timely completion of a project is a major problem this looks a vision only, application of green concepts at a very ground level should be mandatory and organizations like IGBC, GRIHA should be having more autonomy; with a better R&D and technology.

    5)    Alternative Materials and technology- This are a consequence of better R&D which companies need to adopt in most of developing nations; For e.g.-: Fly ash brick production uses 75% lesser energy that of conventional bricks, and fly ash bricks are better in strength durability.

    By: Anurag Sharma , PGMT , Contracts Department, Elite Engineering & Construction (Hyd) Pvt.Ltd.


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