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India has emerged as one of the fastest growth markets for the concrete block making machinery


The concrete block making industry has evolved, from being largely do-minated by smaller manufacturers offering semi-automated machines with limited capacities, to a more organized one with the entry of global players. The global players are offering sophisticated and higher capacity machinery, which are capable of producing a wide variety of concrete products. The latest machines are easy-to-install, operate and maintained. The increase in project sizes, coupled with the demand for a wider variety of concrete products, in sizable quantity has propelled the entry of global players. They have either set shops themselves or through multiple tie-ups, with the leading players of the domestic market.

The increased emphasis on quality along with tighter project deadlines means, the market for concrete product machinery will continue to maintain its hectic growth rate. The increased use of concrete blocks in large-scale projects such as integrated realty townships, high-rise projects, has also come as good news for manufacturers. With the intensifying competition, major players, in the fray, are now offering value-added propositions, in the form of project guidance and machine commissioning. It is also good for the Indian customers.


Q Green Techcon is a name to reckon with, who is engaged in the manufacturing and installation of high quality fly ash bricks and blocks, pavers and concrete block making machinery. The company also provides turnkey project consultancy services, for setting up AAC blocks plants. Q Green Techcon offers a complete service package to its customers, right from the selection of machine for the project to designing of the layout of the plant. They offer technical, as well as, commercial know-how about the product, which the clients intend to manufacture. Additionally, the company provides thorough training to the client’s team after installation, along with life-time technical service support.

“The most important reason for us to step into this industry was to manufacture the best machine, which could produce superior quality products and provide high quality service support to our clients, which is always the biggest concern, for many machine manufacturers,” says Nitesh Modi, Director Q Green Techcon. According to him, the company provides solutions for making fly ash bricks / pavers /concrete solid and hollow blocks, under two different types of technologies Powder Compacting Technology and Vibro Technology. Powder compacting technology is based on sintering / powder metallurgy process. It is used for manufacturing superior quality (high density) fly ash bricks, with the use of hydraulic press. “For vibration-based machines, we have joined hands with Beijing REIT Technology Development Company. With this tech-nology, we can produce the best quality fly ash bricks and blocks, concrete bricks and solid / hollow blocks, heavy duty road paver blocks, kerb stones etc,” he says.



Sree Parijatha Machinery Works is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of concrete block making and Terrazzo tiles machinery. The company offers a wide range of products including automatic block making machines, planetary mixers, conveyors and batching systems for tile and block plants. It has a modern manufacturing unit located in Bangalore, manned by some of the finest talents in the industry. With its consistent R&D focus, Sree Parijatha has been in the forefront of product innovations. The Single mould wet press, developed by Parijatha has unique features, which are the first in the industry, like modular hydraulic system, which makes it very compact and maintenance free. The improved electrical take-off system and pneumatic systems are the first in the industry. It has helped the company to gain immense popularity in the market.

According to J. Ramesh, Managing Director, Parijatha – the company has the widest range of machines for the precast industry, in India. Apart from the basic Vibro press technology to hermatic presses, wet press for manufacture of high-density products and complete lines for wet cast production, Parijatha has everything in its stable. The company has a team of well-trained and experienced technicians, who take care of the installation and commission of the machines, timely servicing and consulting. Parijatha has also set up a unique ‘service cell’, which is a one-stop-solution for all the customers’ after sales needs. The company, with its vast experience in this field also provides consulting on how to set up plants, choosing the right equipment and re-lated accessories. It also provides the necessary mix design and other important techniques, to help produce the best possible product at minimum cost.



Another major player is the Forest Press Machineries. It offers full production line of machinery and equipment for concrete block; kerb stone machinery (wet and dry cast); machinery for fly ash utilisation and steel briquetting, equipment for tiles and pavers, and batching and mixing plants. The company provides superior quality concrete products, by the wet-mix process. Advantages of wet-press system are low running cost and high quality product, full utilization of resources, and recycled raw materials. Raw materials like fume, fly ash and recycled aggregates can be used in single / triple machines. The process ensures long life and retention of the excellent surface finish of the product, superior in quality and strength. Different types of kerbs, slabs drain channels, tiles, manhole covers and U channels can be manufactured from Single Station wet press machine, with less than 3 persons per shift.

Columbia Pakona is one more player in fray, which offers a wide range of concrete block machinery, along with concrete pipe machinery and roof tile machinery. Its range, of concrete block making machinery includes popular models 1600, SPM 20 and SPM 10. These are known for their abilities to produce a wide variety of concrete products.

Columbia Pakona also offers pipe casting machines, such as, the fully automatic Mach 1 machine. Salient features include auto-lowering and raising of ex-ternal moulds and pipes with no requirement of overhead crane. Since there is automatic feeding of concrete mix to the mould, there is faster filling of moulds and lower cycle times, apart from the overall reduction in manpower requirements and labour cost.

Today, India has become a key market for a wide range of latest concrete product machinery. The choice is aplenty and the myriad of products have found their way in different verticals, because of their high quality, ease of construction and affor-dability factors. India is emerging, as the fastest growing market for concrete block making machinery.


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