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    6,000-km highway projects in FY20 to be awarded by NHAI

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    The National Highways Authority of India has put up a target of awarding more than 6,000-km highway projects in the financial year 2020.

    NHAI have changed the philosophy of awarding. It is not the question of award alone, NHAI would like to implement the project at the earliest. They have decided, until and unless NHAI have the land in there hand, they will not award. As a result, we could not award more than 2,200 km last year but this year, they are ready. Seeing the preparedness, NHAI will be able to achieve 6,000 km this year.

    In terms of budget expectations, the whole concern is to reduce the cost of construction. For that, NHAI expects that they should have something like tax exemption bonds, etc. or some kind of additional budgetary support to take up all those projects which are not financially viable or to that extent, the kind of support from the external funding agencies.

    It comes from four-five sources cess, toll, budgetary support, private sector participation and borrowing from the market. NHAI plans it in such a way that they are in a position to repay other loans. Based on internal analysis, NHAI can increase its debt by Rs 75,000 crore.


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