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A Complete Array of Wall Grooving and AAC Block


Brickwell brings solution for wall grooving. It provides products such as Unique Grip and Switch for easy horizontal and vertical grooves and Unique blade design for clean grooves and less dust.

The company has already introduced for the first time in India Jhhari Cutting (Wall Grooving) Machine. Through this machine there is time saving of of almost 80% and cost saving of almost 80%. It is One of its kind 5 Blade Brushless Motor Wall Chaser with Water Attachment and Vacuum Attachment.

The Size and Specs of Machine is mentioned Below:

  • Weight of Machine – 6.000Kgs
  • Blade size – 5 Inch
  • Width of Groove – 20 – 35 mm
  • Depth of Groove – 16 – 40mm
  • Consumption of electricity – 3500 Watts, Single phase.

Brushless Motor

It can be used on concrete, Concrete Blocks & RCC Bands. It can also cut Red.

Clay Bricks, Flyash Bricks, AAC Blocks, CLC Blocks can be done with this machine.

Presently the services are available in hyderabad, mumbai, new delhi ncr region, pune and many more other cities.


AAC blocks

AAC, unlike traditional concrete masonry units, is a solid block / material system with integrated insulative and structural components and is available in the form of a variety of products, which can be used in both load and non-load bearing applications.

Due to its light weight and dimensional accuracy, AAC can be assembled with minimal waste and a reduced need for additional equipment. AAC is also termite and mold resistant, and nearly fireproof. This extreme durability makes the product virtually maintenance free, eliminating the need for repair materials, pesticides, and chemical treatments, while also lowering operating costs.

AAC technology is recommended for large scale production and consumption. Brickwell AAC solutions comprise of imported components and indigenously developed solutions keeping in mind the industrial and environmental situations in India.

For further details :

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Mobile: +91 9704046060, 9390006400
E-mail: info@brickwell.in
Web: www.brickwell.in


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