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    A Skywalk at Dakshineswar

    Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority

    The Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority has been entrusted with this project to ease traffic congestion and a uni- directional clash free movement of devotees, visiting the Dakshineswar Kali Temple.

    Working Side by side with the ‘Design Forum International’ 380 meter long and 10.5 meter wide skywalk is going to be unveiled.

    The Design- facilities

    The Crystallized design structure has 12 escalators, 4 Elevators and 8 Staircase to ease to the walk for the senior citizen, the poor in health and to the handicap.

    200 shops are being relocated within this vicinity. At the junction of every six modules, there is a buffer space of 8.1 meters length and 10.5 meters width, a total of approximately 85 sq. meters, is used for rehabilitating the shop, which is running on the Rani Rashmoni Road, to reduce road blockage.

    The Conceptual structure is weather- proof, well built and user- friendly.

    The Design- Structure

    The Skywalk is actually a platform with a tube mounted on it. The platform supported with many pillars pave all the way through with the existing road below. The tube mounted platform is said to twist and turn and adapt to the street below. For dynamism, fluidity, and modularity in its architecture the oldest approach in design, that of Form Follows Function is adopted with modern components and elements.

    Dynamism: – The support structure of the tube is placed over with aluminum fins of different length in a cyclic pattern which creates an illusion of wave from, when it is seen in continuity.

    Fluidity: – A pulsating wave pattern is made to create a rhythm and improves the visual and actual movement. The form is seamless along the entire stretch, and the shape emphasizing the curve contour helps in creating the effects.

    Modularity: – The entire stretch is divided into modules of approximately 8 meters in length; each module is a complete unit in itself.

    The project started in December 2015 and date of completion is on March 2017. The design team is Mr. Navin Singh and Abhishek Sinha.

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    Picture Sources: google.co.in


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