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Achieving Sustainability with Cool Roofing Tiles

Cool Roofing Tiles

The rapidly growing world energy use has already raised concerns for the supply of energy. Draining down of energy resources will have heavy environmental impacts like ozone layer depletion, global warming and climate change due to the continuous usage of this primary energy resources. The energy consumption in the building sector is about 38% of the primary energy which is almost equal to that of the energy consumed by the transport sector and about two times of the industrial sector. There is need of products across the commercial and residential section that would help counterbalance the energy consumption. In this regard, Japeva has the perfect set of products.

JAPEVA® ENGINEERING PVT. LTD., Incorporated in 2011, is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified – family owned company, leading manufacturer & supplier of Innovative Construction Chemicals & Building Materials and protective insulation Roofing Products. Their continued investment in technology, R & D work and emphasis on quality control contributes to  producing the most unique and highest quality Precast Innovative products like 100% eco-friendly INSULLA®- Cool Roof Tiles & COOLONTM – Cool Roof Coating. Their commitment to work and involvement in innovation has been well received by the public and appreciated by many. The company are backed by technologies, academiciations and National Laboratories with experienced technical expertise.

Company’s specialised INSULLA® Roof Insulation Tiles, is designed specially to keep your home cool and pleasant. Made with advanced technology Shell Lime based CoolGrit Granules along with Aerogel composite, it has the power to lower surface temperature by up to 20ºC. Which not only keeps the heat out of your homes, but also brings down the use of Air Conditioners and electricity consumption. Installing INSULLA® tiles, the water resistance level of tiles is less than 7% which is superior when compared to the minimum values set by BIS at 10%. These roof insulation tiles are the only tiles which are made with Nano Titanium Dioxide, which is the most effective compound used globally in the reduction of air pollution. It weighs less compared to conventional roofing system and is made of anti-skid properties which give a better grip and easy maintenance.

The stand out feature:

INSULLA can be effectively used for ‘roof cooling’ solutions. The tiles are made using PCM (Phase Change Material) Technology. PCM is nothing but the application of geo-inorganic products that can be used for the efficient storage of heat or cold and to mitigate the extremes of temperature. While PCM’s store the heat, the surface of the roof remains amazingly cool. With Insulla fixed, one can practically walk without slippers on a hot day on the terrace comfortably.  Some of the Salient Features are –

  • Provides thermal insulation leaving the terrace cool
  • Replaces lime terracing and it is cost effective
  • Can be reused over and over again
  • Ensures maintenance of congenial natural environment
  • Reduces consumption of AC and thus reduces CFC emission
  • Saves on the electricity usage
  • Lightweight and high dimensional stability
  • Can withstand considerable amount of load
  • Provides excellent surface finish and acts as a good waterproofing
  • Colorful tiles can look decorative when laid creatively – Comes with anti-skid treatment – Stain-free and washable



A cool roof tiles is designed in such a way that it reflects more sunlight and absorbs less heat than a standard roof tile. Nearly any type of building can benefit from a cool roof tiles. Just as wearing light-colored clothing can help keep you cool on a sunny day, cool roofs material is designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. Insulla Cool roofs reflect and emit the suns heat instead of absorbing it. By reflecting the heat of the sun instead of absorbing it, they keep buildings cooler and reduce the amount of energy needed to cool them. Coolness is measured by two properties: solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Both properties are measured from 0 to 1; the higher the value, the cooler the roof. Standard or dark roofs can reach temperatures upto 1500F or more in the summer sun. Insulla cool roof tile under the same conditions could stay 500F cooler and save energy and money by using less air conditioning. Cool roof tiles helps in reducing bills by decreasing air conditioning needs, decreases roof temperature which in turn may extend roof service life.




COOLONTM is a Nanotechnology Aerogel Enriched Acrylic-based Cool Roof Coating for Indoors & outdoors containing high-grade acrylic binder with highly reflective ingredients to reflect UV & IR rays. The product works as a heat-insulating and heat-reflecting, elastomeric, waterproof, anti-algae and contributes to optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings. COOLONTM High Albedo Coating utilizes aerogel, the world’s best insulating material, to deliver ultra low thermal conductivity in a liquid applied coating. It considerably improves heat insulation and permits energy saving, drastically cutting the costs associated with the use of air conditioning during the summer with its dual reflecting and insulating effects.

Heat Resistant Cum Water Resistant Tile Joint Grout

Fill-O-Grout, Thermal Barrier Cum Water Resistant Grouts are designed for use in INSULLAR tile applications. Fill-O-Grout offers high structural strength to the tile joints and prevents cracks from thermal expansion and contraction of building.

  • Product Description
  • Thermal Barrier Cum Water Resistant Grout Filler
  • Exclusive sanitized biocides
  • Lasting protection against mould and mildew


  • Hydraulic lime based Thermal Barrier Cum Water Resistant Grouting
  • Mixed with water, produces a soft, creamy, easily worked mortar with good filling properties, enabling deep joints to be filled in one operation.
  • Lasting protection against mould and mildew

Green Living Insulla: Applications in floors and walls:

Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to a structure or a process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. This requires close cooperation of the design team, the architects, the engineers, and the client at all project stages. The Green Building practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort.

In this regard, Lime Base Tiles of Insulla can be used for internal rooms.  It reflects higher Ultraviolet Radiation, so if you are putting Tiles internal Room you can reduce Light Effect. These Tiles can be used Commercial Buildings like Schools, Hospitals, Office etc.

If there are any Stains coming from on the Ceramic Tiles  it is difficult to maintain a clean energy in the room, but Insulla Tiles has special chemicals properties with “U V”  radiation which naturally oxidizes germs. It works purely on Sunlight  Rays. This tile will neutralise and remove Free Radicals which will produce Bacteria, Virus, VOC Material etc.

The product has tremendous applicability in the commercial sector as well.  For example in IT Companies which generally have 4 to 5 stories building could use this tile to retain naturally Cold  Temperature of  A.C. Room, thereby maintaining Room Temperature balance. Not only this, in the school room and toilets maintaining cleanness of energy might be difficult but Insulla tiles can aid in addressing this problem as the tile material removes the odour of Ammonia, Germs, Bacteria.

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