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Adani Group completes largest mining exploration programme in a record time


Adani Group, a global integrated infrastructure player announced the completion of the single largest and most comprehensive coal mining exploration programme at the Carmichael mine in the Galillee basin of Queensland in nine months. The Adani Group had deployed a record number of drill rigs to drastically reduce the exploration time frame. The company further announced that geotechnical field investigation had resulted in coal resource at Carmichael Mine at ten billion tonnes making it the largest single coal tenement in the world. The Adani Group will construct world class mine, rail and port infrastructure all benefitting the state of Queensland. Reiterating the Adani Group’s deep rooted commitment towards Australia and Queensland, Mr. Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group said, “Our partnership with Australia and Queensland has been one of exceptional trust, transparency and understanding. Having seen the speed and with the support received to undertake and complete the largest and most ambitious mining exploration programme in record time, I am now certain that Queensland has been the right choice. Top government representatives of Australia, Hon’ble Mr. Martin Ferguson, AM MP, Hon’ble Minister for Resources & Energy, Australia, Hon’ble Mr. Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland, also expressed their positive views about trade and business partnership with India Inc and especially the Adani Group. Adani Mining has recently sponsored a pilot apprenticeship scheme, the first of its kind in Australia, to help meet the demand for skilled workers in the country’s resources sector by providing on-the-job learning opportunities to local residents. There has been a 50 percent jump in local employment by us.

We are committed to our project in Australia, which is a joint collaboration with top Australian consultants, and is expected to create up to 5,000 jobs during construction and 4,000 jobs once we begin operations. We will train and employ locals, Queenslanders and Australians,” said Mr. Adani. The basic engineering for its proposed 400 km railway line connecting the Carmichael Mine to the Abbot Point port’s coal terminal has been completed and it has already obtained full access from landholders for the project.

The Adani Group has already invested $3 billion in cash in its integrated Australian projects and expected to invest $7 billion more over the next few years. The group is operating Abbot Point coal terminal in Queensland which it had acquired in 2011 and is planning to increase its annual capacity to 120 million tonnes per year from current 50 million tonnes. The coal from the Carmichael mine will be transported via the 400-km railway line to Abbot Point for exports to its power plants in India. We have recently submitted a statement to state and federal authorities about the potential environmental, social and economic impacts of its proposed mine and rail projects, including its commitment to protect the environment, said Mr. Adani.


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