Addressing Challenges Through the Project Management Consultancy

Addressing Challenges Through the Project Management Consultancy



The Construction Industry generally deals with Real Estate and Infrastructure. Real Estate Sector involves execution of Residential, Industrial, Corporate & Commercial Projects and Infrastructure Sector deals with the execution of Roads, Railways, Urban Infrastructures, Ports, Airports and Power.

Designs & Engineering (DE) of a Project involves Preliminary Investigations, Formulation of the Project, preparation of Master Plan, Planning & Scheduling, Designs & Engineering, schedule of finishes, Preparation of BOQs, Specifications, Costing, Detailed Project Reports (DPRs), Tender Documents and fixing the Contractors & Vendors.

Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for a Project Execution Stage deals with Vendor Management, Finance Management, Resource Management, Change Management and Value Engineering. During the execution of a Project the following shall be ensured: Codes & Standards, Reporting System, Quality Assurance, Safety Measures, Start & completion periods of each activity & Project, Checking of Quantities, Billing, Arrange to prepare of As Built Drawings, preparation of Final Bills & Deviation Statements, completing the project to the satisfaction of End Client and Handing over the Project.

Skilled, experienced & well versed Organization is necessary to manage all the above activities of a Project. This task is looked after by the Design Engineering & Project Management Consultant (DEPMC).

The DEPMC plays a multifaceted part in the execution of Project and provides services from inception to completion stage. Use of DEPMC offers one of the effective Management solutions to improve the efficiency & outcome of the Project to the satisfaction of the Client.

The construction industry in India is growing very fast and multifold. Every Project is unique & demands full attention and professionalism. Due to the rapid expansion, services provided by the DEPMC have to be improved in terms of performance & quality in order to meet the goals, objectives and client’sā€™ satisfaction. This depends on the experienced leader to make it happen.





Tech Mahindra intended to construct one Information Technology Center (ITC) of 3 (three) blocks of each 3 (three) Cellars +10 (ten) floors in Bangalore in their premises.

Total Built up Area of all the 3 blocks is more than 16.00 lakh sqft

Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for all the Services has been entrusted to our company for all the 3 (three) Blocks. In addition, Proof Checking of Structural Designs has also been entrusted (Structural Designs are carried out by L & T; the main Contractor).

The works are located adjacent to the already existing Buildings & Roads. Therefore sufficient gradient could not be maintained during the excavation of loose soils for Cellars. Almost vertical cutting is made duly arranging the protection works to avoid sliding of loose soils. Gunneting is done for the sides of the earth to arrest the sliding of earth.




Vendor Management is a challenging one as vendors & suppliers of all services are involved in the execution at a time. All the works are simultaneously carried out by the vendors. Providing work front to all the vendors is a big task.

Taking joint measurements with contractor, vendors & suppliers and preparing the bills is a cumbersome process.

We could able to handle the above situations duly deploying about 20 nos. of well trained & experienced engineers, who have stationed there at work site to look after all the disciplines of services.





A case study of Mega Infrastructural Project for which DEPMC is taken up by our Organization is discussed here under:

One of our Clients, who stationed at Delhi, desires to take up certain Infrastructural facilities in Arunachal Pradesh State at 7 (seven) stations.

The Infrastructural facilities required by the Client are the Buildings for accommodation and Runways of 1.0 km to 2.0 km along with necessary External & Internal Services.

All the 7 (seven) stations are situated in Himalaya Mountain Range. Some of them are very nearer to China Border. Temperatures at these locations are very low when compared to our Hyderabad. Snowfall is very frequent in these locations during winter. Heavy & continuous rains exist during the rainy season, due to which works are stopped for a number of days.

These stations are located in very remote places. Landslides & mountain slides are very common in these areas and the roads will block for days together. Language in these stations is a problem. Food habits are different and South Indian dishes are not available. Accommodation is a problem as the Stations are located in very remote places. Lodging & Boarding are also not available in most of the villages.




Culture is entirely different from that of South India. Wild animals, particularly snakes creep even in the day time. The mountain range is very steep and there is no proper road to travel. Travel from one place to another takes about 2 to 3 days. Public Transport is very rarely available. Journey by Private Vehicles and / or Helicopters is very tedious and not sure of timings, which depends on climatic conditions. No Transport is available from 3 ā€“ 30 PM.

Transportation of materials, heavy machinery, Plants & equipment is very difficult and tedious. Encroachments by the Civilians cause obstructions to carry out the Land Survey, Soil Investigations & to carry out the works. Convincing them has become troublesome.

After the Architectural Drawings are approved by the Client, Designs & Engineering have been carried out. While designing the buildings and runways, the local conditions have been taken into account. Buildings are designed considering the Snowfall, Earthquake zone, temperature stresses, heavy wind loads etc. Runways are designed considering the Slurry soils & Organic soils duly using the Lime Stabilization and Geo Grid. The uplift pressure of ground water is also considered for designs of Runways.

About 200 workers of the contractor, heavy machinery, all resources, tools & plants, electronic pavers have been deployed. About 100 Engineers from our company are stationed there in the sites during execution. Full assistance & cooperation were extended from our headquarters (Hyderabad).

Execution of works involves heavy earth work. At one of the stations, more than 1.00 lakh cumts of earth work is carried out. Dumping the excess earth has become a problem.

As the works are carried out on a mountain, maintaining the levels has become a challenge. After the earthwork of about 20 mt vertical cut is carried out, heavy protection measures are taken to retain the sides.

Design and execution of Retaining wall of 20 mt height with heavy footings in RCC is a challenging one.

As both Designs & PMC are carried out by us under the same roof in the house, coordination between the Design Team and PMC Team is ever easier and the Project could be completed smoothly in spite of many problems and difficulties during execution.

In spite of the above adverse conditions, the Projects in almost all the stations have been completed and handed over to the satisfaction of End User.


Er. P SURYA PRAKASH, Managing Director
Er. P SURYA PRAKASH, Managing Director

SatyaVani Projects and Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
A 203, Kushal Towers, Khairatabad, Hyderabad ā€“ 500 004


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