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Addressing the Wireless Challenges of the Industry through TalkPRO

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Capt. Anil Midha
Master Mariner; M.I. Mar. Tech.
Director Tech. Iconet Talkpro

In wireless communication, the construction industry faces two challenges:

  • It takes up to 4 months to get the operating license. If it’s a road project, the  project itself  is complete by the  time permission arrives.
  • The coverage distance of the walkie talkies is not enough. Thermal power projects, railway tunneling, irrigation water lift project and large format industries find the walkie talkies not giving range beyond 3-4 km open areas. Signal inside the control rooms and in confined areas is not avail- able. To cover these “blind spots”, repeaters and signal boosters need to be bought.

Addressing the issue

TalkPRO has solved the problem of the construction industry by introducing two new products.

License Free model TalkPRO Lf866 works on license free band of 866 Mhz with a coverage distance of 2 Km in open area. It is best suited for toll gates, medium sized projects, tower cranes,  container opera- tions  etc. Talk time  of 2 days  is available with 2600mAh Li-ion battery.

TalkPRO ND1 (non display) and Talkpro D1 (display  model)  have  unlimited cover- age distance. It works wherever there is 3G coverage. Offices, factories and  construc- tion  sites  can be  connected over  any dis- tance. The customer can  add/ delete or change users from  a  talk  groups easily. These 2  models are  highly  successful in Malaysia, South America, China and Europe.


The user  need not apply  for Govt. per- mission or pay annual fees towards license and royalty. The radios are supplied in preactivated condition. TalkPRO  offers free replacement  warranty for one  year  on all its products. The radios conform to MIL STD 810 C,D, E and F and are rated IP54. Iconet is the one of old- est  radio company in India with 28 years experience. It has supplied more than 3,00,000 radios to the Govt. and the private commercial industry.

For Further Details

Padma M., G.M. Marketing : +91 98842 23888
Capt. Midha: +91 98842 92222
E-Mail: enquiry@talkpro.in
Website: www.talkpro.in


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