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Advanced Concrete Batching Plant


Linnhoff India manufactures the most trusted Concrete Batching Plants where quality of Concrete is of foremost importance. Due to its high degree of mechanization and automation, the productivity of Concrete is value for Money.


Concrete Batching Plants


The main benefits of Linnhoff Concrete Batching plant will be as follows:

Long Life cycle: The equipment design adopts major steel structure, with high quality I and H-beams, with better durability and overall increased service life thereby saving in life-cycle cost.

Eliminates foundation cost: Fully skid based plant saves the foundation cost and helps quick erection/ dismantling.

Perfect Mixing : Major advantages are the strong mixing performance, mixing thoroughly and quickly with high production efficiency through EUROTEC TWIN SHAFT MIXER:

– 100% fully imported from Italy
– 48 years of experience and tradition
– Over 3000 units sold worldwide
– Made by Artisans with Pride and Passion

The Contractor will save a lot of cleaning time due to self cleaning rings mounted on the shaft of the mixer, and thereby project time will be reduced significantly.



Lower Maintenance cost : Maintenance cost, time and risk are reduced through easy integration with all our plant devices.

High Efficency / High Productivity : Minimize the fault response time and reduces the plant down time.

Safety: Safety of workers and equipment are increased through predefined process managed by SCADA.

Advanced Control Panel: Provide Control panel with following benefits:

– Saves Time and Money
– Efficient usage of Energy and raw


– Saves Energy
– Increases Operator Productivity

We believe Good Quality saves money.

For further details:
Linnhoff India Private Limited
T.J. Road, Hirji Baug, Opp. Sunda Tower, Shashikant Sawant Marg, Sewri(W), Mumbai – 15.
Phone: +91 22 – 24184009
Email: info@linnhoff.co.in
Web: www.linnhoff.co.in



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