Advanced Technological Products Suited for the Basic Indian Requirements

Advanced Technological Products Suited for the Basic Indian Requirements

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There had been several declarations at present regarding road construction projects across the country and there is a need for faster equipment in order to achieve the goal of faster construction. time management and monetary economics have become an important criterion. In regard to this, it was important to take the point of view of one of the prime provider of road construction equipment in India. The company in focus is Case India. CASE Construction Equipment is built on the principle that simple is better. Their equipment is an evolution of fine-tuned products designed to solve real-world challenges. As the business grows ever more complex and competitive, they are here to provide with versatile, productive machines and reliable support so that you can spend time on what matters most-running your business.

Masterbuilder had a one to one chat with Mr. Shalabh Chaturvedi, Head Marketing, CASE INDIA, wherein he shared insights on the technological innovation at the case and about the future of road construction industry.

Shalabh Chaturvedi
Head of Marketing, CASE India

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

In regard to technological advancement how Case keeps updated with latest developments in Road Construction Sector?

CASE India offers the most advanced technological products which are suited to the basic Indian requirements of high fuel efficiency and productivity. The company emphasises on continuous product development to improve the equipment’s performance, operator comfort, boost productivity and increase fuel-efficiency.

Discuss the operational conformability of CASE Road construction equipment?

CASE Construction a global leader in technology is known for its quality products, innovative technology and customer service in India. The company believes productivity is not only achieved by machine alone but also by the operator skills.

Operator comfort and safety are the most important factors to get optimum productivity from the machine. Keeping operator comfort and safety in mind, major CASE’s product offerings are equipped with closed air conditioning ROPS cabin whereas most of the CASE’s competitors are providing open canopy.

CASE products are manufactured in India at its Pithampur plant which is allinged to the “World Class Manufacturing” standards which helps us in establishing a Lean Manufacturing Process, well-inte-grated processes assuring first time right products which show the consistency in our equipment.

Discuss the moldboard design used in CASE graders?

CASE graders have maximum productivity Unique ‘Multiradius moldboard design’ that provides mixing effect that does not only push the material on the ground but also rolls it. They are also equipped with net Variable HP (140-163 HP) that makes them unique with great power and fuel efficiency.The machine has a multi Curvature Moldboard which reduces the resistance coming from the Engine and hence reduces the fuel consumption. The Air-conditioned Cabin of the Grader is spacious and provides excellent all-round visibility and Operator comfort.



What are the maintenance and service guidelines followed by case?

CASE India is known for its world-class products and quality customer support across the world. The company focuses on continuous products development along with the use of quality engines along with regular maintenance to improve the equipment’s performance and increase fuel-efficiency and durability. The company offers product support throughout CASE Centers providing spare parts, manuals, and technical support to minimize downtime and maintain production schedules. All spare parts can be ordered from the CASE dealers and are stocked at the CASE central parts warehouse across India. The company has introduced Customer-Driven Product Definition (CDPD) process wherein they invite equipment users to participate in defining and improving new products. This further helps to understand the customer needs in order to develop and test new models basis customer specifications. To keep the operators and customers up to date with latest practices and techniques we also have dedicated training centers which organizes training programs all-round the year.

How much fuel efficient are CASE Road Construction Equipments?

CASE equipments are powered by FPT Industrial engine which has introduced new features that raises the bar of performance and deliver market leading fuel economy and power. To increase the machine’s durability, CASE focuses on the use of quality engines along with regular maintenance across their equipment which helps deliver excellent fuel efficiency.

CASE India engines are equipped with turbocharger waste gate control mechanisms with Internal Exhaust Gas Recircu-lation system (IEGR) to minimise the Emissions (like Nitrogen Oxides and Hydro Carbons) and protect the environment.