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Advanced Technology to Track Performance in Real-Time

Mahindra Construction Equipment
Manish Arora
Business Head, Mahindra Construction Equipment

Mahindra Construction Equipment is at the forefront to provide disruptive products and services that would revolutionize the construction equipment segment in India. Mahindra Construction Equipment falls under the B2B vertical of the group and is backed by its strong network of dealers and service centres across the country. With “Rise” as its governing spirit and backed by its vast experience manufacturing top notch agriculture equipment and utility vehicles through the decades, have boldly ventured into the Construction Equipment manufacturing industry. Mahindra Construction Equipment in its pursuit of excellence to help the common man “Rise”, has come up with products that implement breakthrough technology in its machines. Technology that has never before been seen in the construction industry in India. The range of Mahindra Backhoe Loaders is one of the best in industry.

In light of this, Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Mr. Manish Arora, Business Head, Mahindra Construction Equipment. During the conversation, he shared insight on the Mahindra’s backhoe range and efficiency capability of these machines.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Explain the latest vehicle system adopted in the company’s specialized backhoe loaders?

With the launch of a new telematics system, DigiSense by Mahindra group, our equipment would soon be loaded with advanced technology to track performance in real-time. We are also carrying out various technological enhancements through improvisations in a few key aggregates to enhance fuel efficiency and increase the productivity of our machines thus helping them deliver even higher output. With better technology and design enhancements, our equipment would be able to lower lubricant refilling requirement with extended service intervals, thus reducing the overall maintenance cost and improving total cost of ownership.

How are Mahindra backhoe loaders is serving the multipurpose use in construction sectors?

We have a large set of attachments for our customers to choose from. We will also be making some more attachments for our backhoe loaders for enabling them for varied and newer applications and thus making them a truly versatile machine. The range of attachments include a host of various buckets for specific applications including 6-in-1 and coal bucket on the loader side while ditch cleaning and square hole buckets on the backhoe side among others. Other applications include earth drills, rock breaker, jib crane, forklift, pole erector among others.


The Mahindra EarthMaster, is a backhoe loader developed without overseas collaboration in India, making it truly Made in India, what enables M&M to attain such a feat?

Mahindra and Mahindra’s strong R&D department of over 2000 engineers and with its decades of experience in engineering products that last long and provide great value, has made us attain a feat of developing a truly Made in India backhoe loader without any overseas collaboration. Mahindra & Mahindra’s engineers have studied all the applications of construction machinery in India and designed Mahindra EarthMaster to meet the toughest duty needs of Indian contractors. This has been duly backed by not only the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and processes, but also the rigorous testing schedule.

What is the consumption rate of the Turbocharged intercooler diesel engine?

Mahindra Construction Equipment has always strived for giving the best to its customers. It is for the same reason that we came up with the backhoe loaders after 4 years of research and over 20,000 hours of machine testing which offers best-in-class fuel efficiency (4.5* litres per hour).

What are the special cabin and steering facilities incorporated for this backhoe loaders?

At Mahindra, we believe in providing value-add to customers right from product development by utilizing the best technology and hence our EarthMaster is a truly personalized machine with ergonomically designed cabin higher operator comfort, larger storage space and new age digital cluster that helps the operator to identify and troubleshoot problem by reading messages and hearing warnings in 6 different languages.


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