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Aerial Boom Lifts: Demand Reaches New Heights


Aerial Boom 1Lifting men and material in construction sites has always been an area of concern in a country like India. There are several factors involved which made the entire process unsafe, ranging from the largely semi-literature work force to congested work sites and a general apathy towards safety. However, all these have taken a turn for the better in recent times, thanks to the advent of specialized aerial boom lifts. There is a wide range of aerial boom lifts now available in the country which enables men and material to reach difficult to access areas.

Aerial Boom LiftsAerial Boom 2The continued impetus being provided to the infrastructure development process and the consistent demand generated by the burgeoning real estate sector, plus factors such as the rapid pace of industrialization and warehousing have been pushing the demand for aerial boom lifts in the country. Whether it is roof construction, HVAC installation, painting, plumbing, placing of components for facades or any other construction work, aerial boom lifts have made life easier at construction sites.

One of the encouraging signs being witnessed in the market is the positive changes in the rental scenario. The rental equipment sector is now getting more organized with several companies now specializing in aerial boom lifts. Apart from the supply of the aerial boom lift, these companies also provide trained operators, along with consultancy services which make lifting a safer process. With project developers under pressure to complete time bound projects and rental equipment, aerial boom lifts have come as a boon in the Indian market.


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