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Affordable and Innovative Range of Roof and Facade Solutions

Facade Panels

Wienerberger, one of the global leaders in building material solutions, introduces its latest brand of Clay Roof Tiles -TONDACH & Composite Facade Panels – ARGEMAX, to cater to all building formats.


TONDACH® Mediteran Plus is the latest addition to Wienerberger’s existing range of Koramic Roof Solutions. Manufactured in Europe, TONDACH® cleverly combines functionality and design aesthetics offering a perfectly engineered, economical solution for pitched roof construction – ideal for new buildings and refurbishment projects. Clay roof tiles have proven its worth since centuries across the world, with India being a fervor champion of terracotta architecture. TONDACH® roof tiles epitomizes this very heritage of clay; being fired at one thousand degree centigrade, these tiles can withstand extremes of weather conditions.

Being a tropical location, many parts of India faces heavy monsoons every year and one of the biggest challenges faced by homeowners here is preventing water seepage through the roof. The unique curvature of TONDACH® tiles does not allow water retention on the roofs and facilitates easy drainage. Also, the air within the curve acts as a natural insulator allowing sufficient breathability.

Ordinary roof tiles are prone to extraordinary levels of algae formation owing to the low quality of the tile…The Engobe finish of TONDACH® tiles dissuades moss and fungus formation ensuring continued quality and aesthetics of the tiles for generations.

  • Unique design feature that removes the risk of water seepage
  • Unique design feature that removes the risk of water seepage
  • Remains stable in extremes of temperatures, unaffected by strong wind, rain
  • Easy to replace existing roofing material
  • Application for all varieties of pitched roofs
  • 100% natural & recyclable
  • Last for generations

Available in four profiles – Natural Red, Red Engobe, Terracotta Antique, Engobe Antique.

This is an all-round roof solution that seamlessly addresses unpredictable climate conditions, longevity, and energy efficiency at a surprisingly affordable price.



Argemax Façade Panels

Wienerberger has also launched Argemax Facade Panels – a brand of high quality composite panels, ideal for all building types, from commercial to residential. The panels offer very high design flexibility to architects and are functionally superior to existing facade options. Argemax composite fiber panels, offer an innovative alternative to contemporary facade material with a wide range of color that will always inspire. The tiles have through and through color (full body).

These are large format panels which come in size of 3.05 x 1.22 mts and 2.5 x 1.22 mts and can be converted into any size using standard tools at site, thereby providing the architect with a plethora of uninhibited design choices. The panels are used as dry cladding and provide very high durability.

A common issue with general facade material is, over time, they develop warpage or similar deformities that spoil the exterior appearance of the building and is very difficult to rectify. With Argemax facade panels, there is zero warpage which ensures a life time of smooth finish and lasting perfection. The panels are very easy to install and are well suited for refurbishments of old buildings.

Argemax offers a number of benefits:

  • Flexibility in design with a range of colors
  • Suitable for a myriad range of applications
  • Maintenance free & low water absorption
  • High strength & Fire resistant

Both TONDACH® Roof Tiles & Argemax Facade Panels are available throughout India.

For further details:

Wienerberger India Private Limited
88/4, Richmond Road, Bangalore- 560 025.
Ph: 080 41491 682 – 11, M: 0991 6373204
Email: marketing@wienerberger.in
Website: www.wienerberger.in

“Wienerberger hopes to contribute positively to the growing demands of the market and partner with architects, builders and home owners to optimally realize their design visions. We offer innovative solutions which are environment friendly & have multiple functional attributes. Both Tondach roof solutions and Argemax composite panels come in a variety of colors and profiles, giving our customers a wide range of options to choose from.” said, Monnanda Appaiah, Managing Director, Wienerberger India.

Monnanda Appaiah
Managing Director, Wienerberger India


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