Home News Energy News AGEL to add 800 MW of renewable energy projects

    AGEL to add 800 MW of renewable energy projects

    AGEL to add 800 MW of renewable energy projects

    Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) decides to add over 800 MW of renewable energy projects in the current financial year and 3300 MW in two more years. The 800 MW will include new capacity of wind and solar projects during the current financial year. AGEL is one of India’s fastest-growing renewable energy firms with over 2000 MW of operational assets and 3300 MW capacity to be commissioned in two more years to become 5,000 MW renewable entity by 2022. It is considering fundraising drive through suitable instruments to finance this expansion.

    Adani Group company has a current project portfolio of 4,560 MW including 46 operational projects and 18 projects under construction. They are committed to create a greener future. “Our vision is to have a portfolio of 10 GW of renewable energy projects by 2022,” the company said in a statement. Also they are investing to tap value-accretive opportunities to deliver on this goal. AGEL is the first Indian company to reach the milestone of 4.5 GW organically.

    Adani Green is the only Indian pure play renewable energy company to be listed on Indian stock exchanges and disclosing its financial and operational performance periodically.


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