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AJAX Showcases Intelligence through Design at AP Construction Expo


Design is intelligence made visible and Ajax’s ARGO ACURA model is an example of this. Ajax’s ARGO ACURA model was showcased at the recently concluded AP Construction Expo (APCE 2019) which took place at SS Convention Centre, M G Road, Vijayawada, between the 5th, 6th& 7th of July 2019. Ajax was amongst the largest exhibitors ofAPCE 2019 – the 4th edition of the international exhibition on construction equipment, mining, building materials, & technologies, architecture & allied sectors. According to a statement by Ajax, APCE July 2019 was a wonderful platform as well as a splendid arena to showcase the company’s product portfolio and to foster and develop new collaborative partnerships for business growth via customer engagement in line with AJAX Next 2025 [MAN 25] Objective 3, the company’s mission.

The ARGO ACURA 2500 is a self-loading concrete mixer (SLCM) with technology and consumer requirement at the core of its development. The ARGO 2500 is boasts of advanced technology that makes the job and life of operators much easier. ARGO 2500 contains innovative solutions and cutting-edge features such as:

– Load-cell based weighing system- for greater accuracy of the fine & coarse aggregates weighing;
– ADU or super plasticizers units- for reducing water requirement to make concrete of higher workability, higher strength, high modulus of elasticity, higher density, higher dimensional stability, low permeability and resistance to chemical attack;
– Vehicle rear-view camera system- for wider field of vision that helps in monitoring the loading bucket operations whilst sitting inside the cabin;
– Auto-cleansing system- designed and developed with high-end technology providing the best cleaning services;
– IoT- Fleet-tracking & monitoring system through telematics;
– Slidinggates- for bucket ensuring zero spillage on hopper discharge and the ‘S’ shaped loading arm for ergonomic & unhindered operation during swiveling position that helps in producing the desired results;
– Swivel mechanism- provides operator better productivity & operator efficiency.









At the event, Ajax also showcased the ASP 5009. The ASP 5009 is a medium capacity concrete pump, designed specifically for projects with medium volume of concrete and pumping height requirements. The ASP 5009 is a stationary concrete pump with a pumping capacity of 50 cu.m/hr and is best suited for bridges, small /medium residential and commercial buildings, villas and row houses to name a few. The key features are proven ‘S’ valve technology-suitable for medium-rise pumping, less wear & tear high pressure for better performance and low maintenance costs. The key deliverable to customers is that the output and size of the pump is designed in a manner such that it can be optimized with Ajax ARGO’s self-loading concrete mixer for placing concrete at the site. The ASP 5009 is considered a productivity work-horse that offers high job site maneuverability.


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