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    Alstom completes delivery of Sydney Metro Coaches from A.P facility


    In a milestone for the ‘Make in India‘ initiative, coaches assembled in the country will be running in the Sydney Metro line. The contract for this driver-less metro line was awarded to Alstom in 2014 by Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT). The Australian city has recently opened its first driverless metro line that will be served by 22 Alstom six-coach trains. These trains were assembled in Andhra Pradesh under the Make in India initiative. In December 2018, Alstom delivered the last of the 22 Metropolis trains for Sydney Metro from Alstom’s Sri City facility in Andhra Pradesh.

    The driverless Sydney Metro trains are fully automated and consist of various modern amenities including LED lighting, emergency intercoms, CCTV cameras, real-time travel information, double-doors and more. The signalling system of Urbalis 400 minimizes the halt time at stations as well as the time between each service.

    Alstom is very proud to have partnered with the NRT consortium and Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) to provide our world-leading metro solutions for Sydney’s North West Metro. Sydney has now joined other great cities of the world (including Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, and Singapore) that benefit every day from Alstom’s metro solutions. The fully automated driver-less metro is a first for Australia and will provide a step-change for the commuters of Sydney.

    The metro line is being extended from Chatswood to Bankstown through the city. The North West Metro Line includes 36 km of track, 13 stations, and a depot. It is said that this new network will provide a train every four minutes in the peak in each direction, an efficient service which is never seen in Australia before. By 2024, Sydney will have 31 metro stations and a 66-kilometre standalone metro railway in addition to its extensive suburban rail network.


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