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    Alstom wins ‘Make in India’ contract for modern train sets worth 315 million euros

    Santacruz Electronics

    The line will provide connectivity between Cuffe Parade business district in the extreme south of the city to Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone in the north-central with 26 underground stations and one street-level station. The Mumbai Metro Line 3 will also be the financial capital’s first underground metro line and will be one of the biggest underground continuous stretches in the country.

    This contract by the MMRCL is the biggest rolling stock contract for Alstom in the urban sector of the country. The contract comprises the design, delivery as well as commissioning of 31 lightweight and fully-furnished modern passenger train sets of 8 cars each. The company will also be responsible for the training of operating and maintenance staff for Mumbai Metro Line 3 network. Also, for the very first time in India, the metro cars will have 75% motorization, enabling quick acceleration and deceleration. Additionally, the trains will also be provided with a regenerative braking system aiding significant reduction in carbon emissions. Interestingly, the project will be the first UTO (Unattended Train Operation) project in Mumbai and second in the country after Delhi Metro’s Lines 7 and 8.

    While the overall designing and development of the metro cars will take place at Alstom’s Bangalore, Karnataka engineering centre, the 248 metro cars will be manufactured from its manufacturing unit at Sri City in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

    The Mumbai Metro Line 3 is all set to become a gamechanger as it will connect the city’s major financial hubs such as Bandra-Kurla-Complex, Nariman Point and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Other than providing a much-needed relief to the strained surface transport network, it will also increase mobility across the region. Earlier this year, Alstom was also awarded the contract to supply power and telecommunications system for Mumbai Metro Line 3 project.

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