Home News Industry News Ambuja​ launches premium quality cement ‘Ambuja Plus’​ in Gujarat

    Ambuja​ launches premium quality cement ‘Ambuja Plus’​ in Gujarat


    Ambuja Cement, one of India’s prominent cement manufacturers, launched a premium quality cement product, Ambuja Plus in the state of Gujarat. This innovative product is created with an advanced formula, offering 20% more strength than ordinary cement.

    Ambuja Plus is a special quality PPC cement with advanced SPE technology that makes concrete stronger and easier to work with. It is packed in a special tamper proof bag which keeps moisture out and thus retains the freshness of cement for a longer time.

    ​Speaking at the launch event, MD & CEO Ajay Kapur reminisced about how Ambuja’s legacy of over 25 years is linked to the state of Gujarat. “We took root in Gujarat. We owe the best quality to the people of Gujarat.” Today, we are not just introducing a product in the market, said Mr Kapur. “Our aim is to provide services for our esteemed customers that will be extended by the Customer Support Group (CSG).” Ambuja’s CSG, comprising of expert civil engineers and technical advisors provide technical services at a nominal fee for contractors and customers who are building smaller houses for personal use.


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