Home News International News Approval for trade crossing between Detroit and Windsor

    Approval for trade crossing between Detroit and Windsor


    The presidential permit from the U S State Department has been given to the proposed International Trade Crossing between Detroit and Windsor. The project will be undertaken at a cost of $2.1-billion and is expected to be completed by 2020. The New International Trade Crossing (NITC) will be a replacement for the old four lane Ambassador Bridge. NITC will link Interstate 75 and Interstate 94 in Michigan with the new Windsor–Essex Parkway connection to Highway 401 in Ontario.

    The parkway to be built below ground will have six through lanes for uninterrupted traffic flow providing orderly flow of people and goods between the two countries. The Windsor–Essex Parkway will follow Talbot Road and Huron Church Road and will connect a new alignment to the border. The traffic crossing the border is expected to grow from 18,500 vehicles a day in 2016 to 26,500 by 2025.


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