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    Architecture firms unveil proposals for San Pellegrino’s flagship factory

    Snøhetta’s proposal for San pellegrino’s flagship factory

    Architecture firms, BIG, MVRDV, Snøhetta and Michele de lucchi’s aMDL studio, have presented competing visions for the renovation of San pellegrino’s flagship factory in Italy. The brief for the new facility calls for a design that harmonizes with the surrounding topography while adhering to the image and character of the brand. The judging panel will evaluate each project based on innovation, efficiency, environmental compliance and sustainability, as well as the working environment for employees. S.pellegrino will announce the winning project by the end of September 2016. MVDRV’s design has been elevated above the landscape to both increases the factory’s flexibility and to present views across the site. Ceilings and floors are made of a transparent and slightly reflective material, while on the roof, a layer of water falls to the ground. Internally, a double-height lobby brings the site’s main public functions together, fostering a spirit of community. Bjarke ingels group’s design evolves from a simple archway, forming expanding and contracting tunnels, arcades, and green pergolas that seek to frame the history and heritage of the brand. Michele de lucchi’s studio has developed the entire complex around four key requirements: to be natural, pure, conscientious, and cool. Newly planted trees and a pedestrian bridge enhance connections across the site and the adjacent river. Snøhetta’s design takes on a extroverted character, locating the building in a cultural context with public spaces. A new park is created allowing for permeability within the proposal, and ensuring connectivity across the site. The existing factory is shrouded in a stainless steel mesh that adapts to the contours of the buildings.

    Source: designboom.com
    Image source: notey.com


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