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    Barapulla Phase-III face extended delay

     The projects are the Barapulla Phase-III elevated road, BRT redesigning and relaying of roads delay in their completion.

    “Roads were relaid in Delhi last in 2010, before the Commonwealth Games. They were up for repair by 2015 but despite proposals being ready, work started only in late 2016.

    One can now see roads being made and even then, there have been complaints of poor workmanship. Meanwhile, the work on BRT, which was to be dismantled by February 2016 and restored as a proper road, is also stuck.
    Barapulla Phase-III, connecting Sarai Kale Khan with Mayur Vihar, is also delayed. There have been bureaucratic delays in these projects,” said a source.
    “In the case of Barapulla, a patch of land in the floodplain was not acquired by the government before the project started. Now villagers are blackmailing PWD for Rs 7 crore per acre against the usual Rs 20-30 lakh-per-acre price.
    The land and building department or the revenue department is supposed to acquire the land,” said a PWD official. He added that the BRT redesign plan was under review while there was no delay in relaying roads.
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