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    BEE launches energy efficiency standards for LED lighting


    LED lampsAs Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has launched standards for LED lamps, which will soon be affixed with energy efficiency rating labels. Like any other product, the energy efficiency of these lights would be denoted in stars ranging from one to five. Thus, more stars a LED light has means it is more energy efficient. As per the scheme the manufacturers of LED (light emitting diode) lights in the country would be required to seek these efficiency rating labels on voluntary basis till December-end next year. As per BEE standards, LED lights having 79 to 90 lumen per watt fall in the two star rating while those having 90 to 105 lumen per watt are rated three star. According to BEE standards, LED lights with 105 to 120 lumen per watt will fall in four star rated category and those with more than 120 lumen per watt would be rated five star. A large number of LED lights available in the market have lumen ranging from 80 to 105 per watt. Besides energy efficiency, BEE will also ensure that these products are safe. The producers would have to meet various such standards set for purposes like photo-biological safety. LED bulbs have a very long life, almost 50 times more than ordinary bulbs, and 8-10 times that of CFLs, and therefore provide both energy and cost savings in the medium term. The government is running a ‘National Programme for LED-based Home and Street lighting’ to install LED bulbs for domestic and street-lighting in 100 cities by March, 2016.


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