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    Bengaluru airport’s solar farms affirm India’s green future

    Bangalore International Airport

    The Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) inaugurated solar farms at the Kempegowda International Airport premises.

    The first project of 440kW has been installed in the car park area in front of the BIAL corporate office, and the second project of 2.5MW solar panels at the airside.

    Both projects – jointly – will reduce carbon emission by 3125 tonnes per annum (3075 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per annum at the airside and 550 tonnes at the car park area).

    The project implemented by the Bosch Energy and Building Solutions (BEBS) team in India. It will generate approximately 4.4 Mio units of electricity, annually.

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    Both projects were designed keeping in mind the uniqueness of their locations.

    The 440kW project located at the car park area has been designed to optimize land usage generating  more than six lakh units of power, annually.

    The double as a car park for about 160 cars; due to the proximity to the runway, the 2.5MW project has been additionally designed to sustain high wind speeds.

    Hari Marar, President – Airport Operations BIAL, said, “We aim to achieve 50% of our energy needs through renewable power in the next three years.”

    “Beyond solar projects, we have security technology and energy efficiency solutions for this sector,” said Soumitra Bhattacharya, president, Bosch Group India.

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