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    Biocides for the sustainable optimization of paints and coatings


    Specialty chemicals company Lanxess have developed a new formulation method for algicides in paints.  Tests revealed that the lifetime of facade coatings is increased due to improvement in leaching behaviour. The new formulation method has reduced active ingredient leaching from paints caused by rain by over 50 percent compared to conventional algicides. It can also reduce the amount of active ingredient required.

    Researchers in the Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit of Lanxess have now succeeded in using cutting-edge “slow-release technology” to develop a new algicidal product formulation that exhibits a far better active ingredient retention rate in the colour matrix than standard dry-film preservation products. The slow-release technology simultaneously improves eco toxicological properties in relation to the EC50 value which means its behaviour in the environmental compartment under consideration has been significantly improved without compromising microbicidal efficacy at the point where film protection agents are actually needed, i.e. the surface of the facade.


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