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BKT to Display Its High Performance Off The Road (OTR) and Industrial Tires at Bauma Conexpo India Show

Balkrishna Industries

Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT), India’s leading manufacturer of off-highway tires will participate in the upcoming Bauma Conexpo India Show, an influential trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles between December 11 and 14. The key products on display will include BKT’s line up of Industrial and Construction tires, Forklift tires, Loader tires, and Port application tires.

Mr. Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director – BKT said: “BKT is committed to serving the Indian Off the Road and Construction ecosystem through develop-ing top-of-the-line and technologically advanced products. We believe that Bauma Conexpo is a suitable platform for us to showcase our comprehensive range of solutions and to engage with players, across national and international levels. We have a positive outlook for the domestic construction market going forward, and BKT is determined to play a pivotal role in it.”

BKT also made a display at IMME 2018 recently that was held at Eco Park, Rajarhat, Kolkata. The company’s booth which was strategically located and deployed touch screens to visibly communicate its offerings, fetched a strong customer response. In addition to a selection of tires for mining applications, BKT also showcased other patterns out of the extensive Earthmax line up at the exhibition.

BKT’s Showcase at the Bauma Conexpo India Show

BKT’s Industrial and Construction tires under the category AT 621 and size 9-16 are utilized for Backhoe Loader applications and provide excellent traction in sever conditions. Other features include wider lugs and increased puncture resistance, self-cleaning tread design and improved wear and cut resistant tread compound.

The company’s Forklift Tires under the category LM 81 and size 7.00R12 stand out for their specially designed aggressive and robust tread pattern and unique tread compound for excellent traction and long wear life. This range of tires has a strong all steel casing and reinforced sidewall that provides maximum stability and handling in lift mode. The radial casing absorbs surface irregularities to provide riding comfort, increase operator confidence and reduce fatigue. LM81 tires are antistatic compliant-all sizes are capable of dissipating static charge from the vehicle.

The Solid Tires under the category MAGLIFT STD and size 8.25-15 are general purpose Forklift tires used for port operations and in mining operations and scrap yards. This range of tires stands out for its better abrasion, wear and cut resistant tread compound. It has highly elastic centre cushion compound that provides excellent riding comfort.  It has specially designed tough base that ensures dissipation of heat. The range is puncture proof, gives smooth, trouble free operation and has bead wires in the base for firm grip to avoid any slippage in operations.

The Skid Steer Tires under the category GIANT TRAX and sizes 10-16.5 and 12-16.5 are most suited for scrap yard work, rough concrete surfaces, recycling operations and mines. The key features include – Extra tread depth with bigger and sturdier block providing better traction and longer life and a flat tread design that provides more contact area for better stability. The special tread compound provides excellent chip and tear resistance. The strong nylon casing provides excellent puncture resistance.


The Loader Tires under the category XL Grip and size 12.5/ 80-18 are used for the application of Backhoe loaders. One of the key features is Tough non-directional tread pattern for mounting versatility and excellent traction on rocky surfaces. This range of tires has centre tie-bar for excellent stability, self-cleaning tread design, strong casing and cut resistant tread compound for excellent cut/ chip resistant and durability. Its squared shoulder maximizes ground contact for excellent maneuverability and handling.

The Grader and Loader Application G2/ L2 under the category SR 25 and size 14.00R24 are specifically engineered and designed radial tires for Road building and graders. Key features include – Tapered tread bars and pen center to eject mud and dirt out of the tire as the tire moves and an all steel strong casing and belt package that provides excellent durability, long service life and resistance to snags and punctures.  The range has an aggressive non directional tread pattern that delivers exceptional traction on all surfaces.

The Port application tires under the category Portking Classic and size 18.00-25 are deployed in Reach stackers, container handling equipments in ports. Its key feature is a unique wear resistant compound that ensures higher initial tire life as compared to normal tread compound. The range has an optimum footprint for even load distribution and strong sidewall provide excellent stability in lift mode. Its strong nylon casing provides higher load carrying capability, minimizes impact breaks, snag, punctures and higher retreads.

The All Steel OTR Radial tires under the category Earthmax SR53 (L5) and size 23.5R25 are specifically designed for Loader and Dozer services. The range is suitable for severe rocky conditions and tough/ rigorous scrap handling operations. The extra deep tread and customized compound delivers extended tread wear and also provides resistance to rock cuts and punctures. The tread pattern is specifically designed for self-cleaning.

The Radial loader tire under the category BK-Loader 53 and size 405/70R20 are utilized for Industrial and Transport use for Loaders. The key features include – Aramid belted tire that enhances puncture resistance, and a unique tread design for lateral stability. The extra deep tread and customized compound deliver extended tread wear and also provides resistance to cuts and punctures. Tread pattern is specially designed for self-cleaning and ensures good grip and traction on wet and dry surfaces.

BKT’s High speed radial crane tries under the category ARIOMAX AM 27 and size 445/95R25 are best suited for high speed mobile cranes. The five rib pattern with continuous rib on the shoulder is suited for high speed and excellent steering. The special tread compound is used for optimal combination of wear and cut resistance. It has radial construction for improved comfort and special tread design for excellent traction on and off the road services. The strong steel belt package is used for increased resistance to cut and punctures.


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