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BKT’s Bhuj plant – The crowned jewel amongst BKT’s tyre manufacturing facilities!


With every passing year, Bal Krishna Tyres (BKT) has been leaping from milestone to milestone. Within a couple of decades, this family-run, tyre manufacturing company has gone from cycle tyre manufacturing to having more than 2% of the global market share in the Off-the-Road (OTR) tyre segment. However, amidst such gains, BKT has not faltered in their commitment to providing timely and quality products.

BKT’s recent milestone was the completion of the plant at Bhuj, Gujarat. This project, worth roughly about 3,500 crores, was officially inaugurated in December 2015. With a motto of “reuse – renew – recycle”, this state-of-the-art social, industrial complex is the crowned jewel that is going to spear head the realisation of BKT’s bold and ambitious goals.

A Powerhouse – BKT’s Bhuj Plant

With BKT looking to increase production to over 140,000 MT per year, and with the plants at Aurangabad, Chopanki and Bhiwadi already functioning at full capacity; it became apparent that a new, modern and future ready facility was needed. Thus, BKT’s industrial plant at Bhuj, Gujarat was envisioned. 3,500 crores in investments, and a couple of challenging years later, the dream has become a reality, and the plant has since become one of India’s most modern & comprehensive tyre manufacturing facilities.


BKT’s Bhuj plant is a 300 plus acre industrial plant that currently produces 175 MT of tyre per day with the capacity of outputting 350 MT per day. A massive storehouse for raw materials is present at the site to expedite the manufacturing process.
Off the 312 acres, 25 acres has been dedicated to outdoor and indoor product testing. Multiple tracks, simulating various outdoor conditions have been constructed while the indoor testing facility boasts of FICCI capabilities. This testing facility has been so well recognised by the industry that OEMs have already started approaching BKT to book slots to utilise the resources available.
The R&D Center, at the Bhujplant, is scheduled and will be ready soon.This top of the line facility, according to BKT, will be at power with any European manufacturer and will be equipped with some of the most advanced equipment for chemical, physical and mechanical testing. Researchers at the Bhuj plant’s R&D facility will be ably equipped to develop new polymers and new tread compounds giving BKT the edge and impetus to drive growth and stay ahead of the curve.

The BKT Bhuj plant has its very own captive power plant fueling its needs. The 20 MW coal/lignite based captive power plant was built over an area of 55 acres and required an estimated investment of over 100 crores. The captive power plant is inter-linked with BKT’s tubes and tyres plant providing steam and electricity for production activities.

BKT’s steadfast resolve to adding value to lives of its employees radiates throughout the Bhujplant. From well-planned production houses (designed with safety for the workers at the helm) to recreational and residential facilities, the Bhuj – BKT plant positions itself as a modern, social, industrial complex.
With an on-site fire station; hosting 7 firefighting trucks, 2 ambulances, and a smooth firefighting system, the Bhuj
plant is equipped to tackle accidents and disasters.
The BKT Bhujplant is a well planned social, industrial complex that will em-power BKT with the tools to achieve their goal of creating a bigger footprint, globally. It is no wonder BKT fondly refer to their Bhuj plant as “The Game Changer!”
All’s well, that ends well!


Before the sprawling expanse that is the Bhuj, BKT plant; a barren, arid, desert land that lacked any access to roads, electricity or water existed. To realise the dream of a ‘game changing’ industrial plant, team BKT had to start from scratch; providing basic & decent working conditions for its workers.
With these basic necessities in place, the dream began to take shape. However, enormous challenges kept presenting themselves at every stage of the project:
– Black Soil of volcanic origin which was unsuitable for construction had to be replaced with more suitable soil.
– Heavy rainfalls flooded roads & hampered transport delayed and expan-ded costs.
– The looming threat of massive seismic activity urged BKT to invest heavily into protecting their asset from earthquakes. The BKT – Bhuj plant has been equipped to handle seismic activity of more than 9 on the Richter scale.

Having overcome these and many other challenges, the Bhuj plant is BKT’s most treasured asset, primed to usher in a new era in the BKT success story.

The BKT Brand

BKT’s commitment to its brand & reputation is evidently taken very seriously. From the way the factory visit was organised, to the headquarters in Mumbai, and even the factory itself, it is quite obvious that BKT does not cut corners.

The sprawling 300 odd acres industrial plant at Bhuj, Gujarat is a testament to this Brand’s commitment. The industrial plant is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to satiate the needs of not only its occupants but, most importantly, its customers. From gyms to play schools to R&D departments and to testing facilities, this plant has been meticulously planned to not only meet demand but, provide the impetus for further growth.

BKT’s Bhuj plant also epitomises the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Not limiting to adding value to employees alone, the BKT – Bhujplant is equipped with an area entirely dedicated to plant design and installation, optimising all site issues related to water and waste management as well as energy autonomy.

Concluding in a nutshell, the social industrial complex at Bhuj, Gujarat is a powerhouse that not only does justice to the brand that is BKT but, and more importantly, showcases this company’s commitment to achieving leadership in the global Off-Highway tyre market.

“The R&D facility at
Bhuj will enhance our
capabilities further”



Arvind Poddar
Chairman & Managing Director (BKT)

“Without ever losing sight of BKT’s fundamental values such as the care for our people, the care for the environment, and the care for our customers – Bhuj has enabled us to play a completely new game from the perspective of exponential growth and aiming at global leadership.”


Rajiv Poddar
Jt. Managing Director (BKT)

“We all gritted our teeth, rolled up our sleeves and did the job. Showing great commitment and dedication, everything was created out of nothing.”
-Rajiv Poddar, Jt. Managing Director

“BKT has always paid particular attention to the positioning of its brand on the market and has been committed to creating brand awareness along with excellent reputation.”
-Rajiv Poddar, Jt. Managing Director

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