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Boeing, TATA State-of-Art Aerospace Facility in Hyderabad by Tata BlueScope Steel PEB Solutions


In November 2015, Boeing and Tata Advanced Systems announced a joint venture for manufacturing aerostructures and collaboration on integrated systems development opportunities in India. This was a significant step in developing India’s capabilities for aerospace & defense manufacturing, thus becoming a global exporter, with an impetus to “Make in India” for defense. The key requirement of this project was on time project completion. Tata Boeing appointed Tata BlueScope Steel as a partner for constructing their facility with TBSL’s pre-engineered building solutions.

The scope of Work:

The scope for Tata BlueScope Steel included design, manufacturing, supply, project management and erection of BUTLER® building in Hyderabad by using the highest quality material with proven technology. On time delivery, leak-proof as well as a functionally superior solution with low-cost maintenance requirement were some key customer expectations.  Interconnection of RCC building with PEB at near side wall and provision of future expansion for a width of 27 m was the key design challenge.

Solution Offered:

For this challenging project, Tata BlueScope Steel recommended BUTLER® Building Systems, which comes with MR-24 roof system warranted for 10 years of leak-proof performance. The solution proposed by TBSL was able to provide superior functionalities that included higher column-free space, two levels of the mezzanine floor inside the building and high-value good storage, better economic design etc.


BUTLER® building system is a premium, globally renowned engineered steel building solution with exceptional credentials such as On-time Delivery, Leak-proof Roof System, Fully Engineered Solutions and Safe Erection Practices. The history of the brand dates back to the year 1901, when the company BUTLER® Manufacturing was founded in the US. This company was acquired in the year 2004 by BlueScope, a leading flat steel products company, with manufacturing and marketing reach that spans Australia, Asia and North America. BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS is offered in the SAARC region through Tata BlueScope Steel Limited. Over the years, BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS has gained the confidence to take rigid frame design to the limit and to lead the growth of engineered steel buildings into worldwide acceptance and favour. The brand is built on innovation and attention to customer requirements. By providing timely construction and a superior solution, it has achieved a remarkably high repeat customer rate.


Construction Challenges and how they were addressed:

Our construction team played a vital role in shaping this project to reality for Tata Boeing. Due to dependency on various external parameters construction team faced numerous challenges while managing this site.

Erection of mezzanine structure below main building  structure  was the main challenge which our construction team executed safely by advance planning

On time handover  of the entire project was carried out through effective implementation  erection step plan methodology

Extra efforts were taken by project management team to deliver the material according to the erection sequence.

 The Result:

Tata BlueScope Steel delivered a state-of-art manufacturing facility with on-time completion in June 2017; this is one of our country’s marquee projects for the Indian defense sector under the aegis of “Make In India” initiatives. With superior quality material, skilled workmanship and advanced technology employed in the areas of engineering, project management, fabrication, roll forming and construction; Tata BlueScope Steel was not only able to meet the targets but exceeded the expectations of Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited.

Tata BlueScope Steel through its customer-centric products and solutions has found its presence in India’s prestigious projects spanning across various applications. Over the years, Tata BlueScope Steel has grown as a preferred partner for roofing and cladding solutions to top architects within the country. Trust is at its core as the business is backed by a strong parentage of Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel, Australia where quality and commitment are at the paramount. Tata BlueScope Steel is poised to deliver best in class-coated steel products for the construction industry in India. Australia’s tried and time-tested product brilliance with Tata Steel’s manufacturing excellence; has enabled TBSL as the first choice for its customers!

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