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    Boost for Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail Corridor! Special team of experts to accelerate project

    Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail Corridor

    In addition to this, the work of checking pressure tolerance of pillars for laying the foundation of the corridor’s route has also been started.

    Sudhir Sharma, Group General Manager, NCRTC was quoted saying in the report that a tender has been rolled out for appointing a special team of experts for the project. The experienced team will be designated to supervise all stages of the rapid rail project very soon. Both the Uttar Pradesh state government as well as the Central government have given the final nod for the project. The project’s work started with the provision of the first installment of the budget planned for the corridor. However, in the absence of the team of specialists then, the NCRTC faced several hurdles and difficulties.

    According to officials quoted in the report, the design verification for 60 km elevated stretch of the corridor has been completed. The pressure tolerance of the route’s foundation is being checked now. After this, the engineering, structural growth, construction work, technical support and other facets of the project will be supervised only under the special team of experts.

    The Delhi-Meerut rapid rail project is awaiting the final acceptance from the Delhi government for the past two years. The construction of the corridor was to be started in the month of July last year. The investment of the Uttar Pradesh government for this project will be Rs 5000 crore, whereas the Central Government’s share will be Rs 6000 crore. Both the UP as well as the Central government have cleared the project and given the provision for its budget. However, the Delhi government is yet to give its share of Rs 1000 crore. For this, the Delhi government has requested the Central government to pay for its share of the project.The 90 km long rapid rail corridor will consist of a total of 18 stations, out of which 30 km will be underground, whereas 60 km will be an elevated stretch.

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