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“Both, the maintenance and the use of OEM-approved spare parts have an impact on the fuel efficiency.”

Dimitrov Krishnan
“Regular inspection and replacement of air filters has a significant impact on delivering better fuel efficiency.”

Telematics programmes, such as our CareTrack initiative are helping fleet managers to plan their maintenance schedules, based on the usage. This is also delivering improved efficiency across the board, including the fuel consumption,” says Dimitrov Krishnan, Vice President and Head, Volvo CE India.


What is the demand-supply scenario for excavators?

The current high levels of demand, which we are seeing for all types of construction equipment are expected to remain throughout the year. We are expecting overall sales to be up by a significant double digit percentage levels for this year.

Road building and mining are the most active industries at present, for excavators. We expect this to continue in the near term. While, there has been some hesitation among mining contractors in the recent months, road building has been experiencing very strong activity levels.

Brief us on the range of crawler excavators offered by Volvo India?

Our EC140 and EC210 are very popular units in road building jobs and in smaller quarries, thanks to its heavy-duty design, productivity and fuel efficiency.

At larger quarries, our EC300DL is a popular unit. This machine is well-suited for light mining applications, such as, those found in iron ore mines. The EC300DL is a class apart in fuel efficiency and productivity as compared to its competitors. It is becoming increasingly popular.

Our EC480DL, which is a 48T class machine, is the best-selling excavator in the country in its class and particularly well-liked by coal mining contractors. At the end of last year, we introduced the EC750DL a 75T class machine, the largest excavator we currently offer for sale in India. Once again, it has received a lot of attention from customers in the mining sector. We have delivered many units already.

OEMWhat are the developments in the air filtration technology, which has huge impact on the fuel efficiency?

Incidentally, there has not been much advancement in the air filtration technology. However, it is worth remembering how important it is to regularly inspect and replace air filters. This simple step has a significant impact on delivering better fuel efficiency. It is also worth underlining the point that we only recommend the use of Volvo Filters with our equipment, to ensure the highest levels of efficiency.

Has the oil and lubrication industry been able to keep up pace with the advancements?

At Volvo CE, we have our own product line, Volvo Lubricants, dedicated to our range of equipment. They are specifically designed to work with our machines to ensure they run longer, better and cleaner. Volvo Lubricants improve the performance of individual components, offer protection from wear and tear and enhance the service life of machines, while reducing the fuel and oil consumption. Our engine oils are specifically matched to our engine components and constantly re-assessed, as our engine technology changes and evolves.

Is there any new model on the launch pad?

Of course, we have many new models in our product development pipeline and we will be introducing more details on those in due course of time.


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