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    Breathtaking contemporary home in the sky


    Architect David Hotson has designed a tubular steel slide plummets through four storeys inside a penthouse apartment in New York.  The apartment occupies the uppermost stories of a late nineteenth century tower in lower Manhattan.  The slide starts at the very top of the apartment – an attic room surrounded by glass – and is slotted into a circular hole so residents can safely climb inside and start their descent. It’s made from polished stainless steel, giving it a mirrored surface.  After winding around a column and through a window, the slide comes to a brief stop on the next floor down.

    Residents can either get out and access the rooms on this floor,or clamber back inside and spiral down through three more floors. At the end of the slide, the stainless steel surface fans out to create a rectangular funhouse mirror at the edge of the living room. If they don’t fancy using the slide, residents can always walk down through a faceted stairwell. This is a complex interior with a number of dramatic elements, Hotson explained.The four-storey stairwell twists up through the centre of the apartment while the four-storey-slide provides a quick trip back down. The architect collaborated with interior designer Ghislaine Viñas, who added all of the furniture and artworks throughout the apartment.

    The riveted steel columns of the building cut up through some of the spaces while others feature arched windows that line up with the original facades. The residence features a four-story high entry hall spanned by structural glass bridges and illuminated by ingenious skylights borrowing light from upper level rooms, a fifty-foot tall living room ascended by climbing holds anchored to the central column, and a mirror-polished stainless steel slide that coils down through rooms and over stairways before it flares out to form a distorted wall at one end of the entry gallery. Residents can view the iconic buildings and bridges of the surrounding cityscape at a range of scales from the dramatic skylight in the private elevator vestibule. The historic riveted steel structure have steep hipped roof, chimneys and projecting dormer windows- creating the startling impression of a magical house suspended midway in the vertical cityscape of Lower Manhattan.


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