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    Building collapses claimed nearly 900 lives in the last four decades in Mumbai

    Area Development Authority

    The data pertains to Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) buildings in the city that have been plagued with structural issues making them virtual death traps for residents.

    According to the information obtained from Mhada’s Repair and Reconstruction Board(R&R Board), between 1971 to 2018, nearly 3,528 building accidents were reported in which 894 people lost their lives. The maximum number of deaths were reported in 1985-86.

    At least 20 to 25 incidents of building collapses are reported every year. However, MHADA has struggled to get the required funds for the redevelopment and maintenance of such buildings. There are approximately 16,000 buildings under the R&R Board and some of the constructions are more than a century old.

    Ahead of the rainy season, MHADA does a survey of dilapidated buildings every year, but due to insufficient facilities at transit camps, residents refuse to vacate such buildings, often resulting in their death when these weak buildings collapse.

    180 of 530 buildings in Kamathipura have collapsed and 125 buildings are unsafe. Officials say that re-development of buildings is possible under cluster-development model, however, it is not being done.

    “Several cessed buildings are 100-years-old and they are in a dilapidated state. It is important to repair these buildings and for re-development, MHADA should make the fund available,” said Vinod Ghosalkar from the Repair and Reconstruction Board.

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