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Building Facade: Maintenance and Cleaning


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The possibilities of temporary architecture are almost infinite. Traditional facade cleaning methods however are limited. This calls for innovative solutions.

There are more than 80,000 multi-storey buildings – with over 12 Building Facades 2storeys – worldwide. 30% of them have glass facades; cleaning by hand is time-consumptive and exposes cleaning personnel to considerable risks. Several people die every year due to maintenance and cleaning accidents. In addition, many surfaces are difficult to access and can’t be cleaned at all.

The costs for facade cleaning depend on many factors: characteristics of the facade, total area, interval between cleanings, labour costs, etc. The average costs to clean one square meter is estimated to be about 8-9 EUR. The cleaning costs of a typical building with an area of 12,000 m2 Building Facades 5sum up to 100,000 EUR per cleaning. The use of an automated cleaning robot could substantially reduce these costs.

Advanced cleaning robots offer outstanding solutions to help you in managing these challenges. The cleaning robot can be easily integrated into current installations of existing buildings. It would be more favourable, however, to include the cleaning concept into an early stage of design development of a project.

In addition, the robot can be deployed from a lifting platform, such as a cherry picker. This kind of application is well suited for cleaning companies which offer an automated service.

A cleaning robot can as well be incorporated into a traditional building maintenance unit. As these systems are reliable in a widespread use on various buildings in the world, such a solution would be very cost saving.

Building Facades 3The combination of robots with building maintenance units under one roof is unique – but essential for the future.

Application Examples:

Robotic Cleaning System: Advantages and Benefits

–              10 to 15 times improve of cleaning capacity compared to cleaning by hand

–              Only 1 person needed to set-up, to clean and to remove the system.

Building Facades 4–              Perfect cleaning results by combining a rotating brush with demineralised water.

–              Easy control by radio using a joystick, or fully automated operation

–              Discreet cleaning: No privacy breaching in residential buildings, hotels and other sensible facilities due to cleaning personnel

–              Enhanced security: No spidermen hanging on ropes or personnel in gondolas shaking in the wind

Cleaning with a robotic cleaning system is Securer, Faster and Cheaper



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