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Buildtech India Corporation (BIC) is a leading producer of a wide range of cement paver blocks, designer tiles, shot blasted pavers, kerb stones and concrete blocks. Apart from manufacturing, as a service provider, the company also undertakes laying contracts for paving blocks and exterior tiles. Its commitment to high quality, along with cost-effective and sustainable solutions has made BIC a preferred choice since its inception in 2008.

The versatile produce range offered by Buildtech finds varied applications. The cement paver blocks from Buildtech are ideal for both domestic and commercial pathways and driveways. They are sturdy, do not break, enhance the aesthetic value of driveways and pathways, while also being easy to maintain. Cement paver blocks used for external floors are in great demand owing their unbeatable combination of aesthetics, durability and economy.

The company also manufactures designer paver blocks, which are made in addition with white cement. The designer paver blocks add to the looks of buildings, while also being durable and long lasting. Some of the paver block types/shapes offered by BIC include, Trihex, Dumble (I shape), Barbeque, Unipaver (zigzag) and Hexagon. These paver blocks come in various sizes including (a) Light Use – 40mm width, which are used as sidewalk pavers, garden walk pavers, swimming pool side walks, footpaths, cycle path, etc, (b) Medium use- 60mm width- used typically in open restaurant area, hotel drive area, farm house drive road, shopping malls, parking lots, railway stations, etc, and (c) Heavy Use- 80 mm width, used for applications such as factory compounds, petrol pumps, industrial floors, bus terminal, warehouses, etc.

Buildtech’s shot blasted pavers are the preferred choice for several applications. Use of high quality materials provides the shot blasted pavers with optimal level of durability and makes them last long. Application areas of shot blasted pavers include, exteriors and open spaces like foot-paths, side-ways, garage, parking, open areas, promenades, swimming pool decks, building compounds, verandah, etc, to mention only a few, where good finish, anti-skid properties or textured look is desired.

BIC also offers a range of kerb stones, known for their sturdy construction and endurance, which are used as kerb elements to demarcate roadway edges, pedestrian pavements, footpaths and the likes. They are also used for adding style and grace to the floors as well as the pavement areas buildings or a confined area.

BIC is also one of the leading manufacturers of concrete blocks, hollow blocks and solid blocks. Environment-friendly in nature, these blocks are ideally suited for the construction of both commercial and residential buildings.

For further details:
Buildtech India Corporation
No. 8/16, 2nd Floor, Round Building,
Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai – 600101,
Mob: +91-9840084687
E-mail: info@buildtechcorp.in
Web: www.buildtechcorp.in


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