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    Bullet train service to connect Kolkata in India to Kunming in China

    Chinese Consul-General

    The Chinese Consul-General, at a conference in Kolkata, said that with joint efforts of both the countries, a high-speed rail link could be established between both the cities, Kunming and Kolkata. He also claimed that if the railway line becomes a reality, it will only take a few hours time to reach Kolkata from Kunming.

    While elaborating on the Kunming-Kolkata high-speed rail link, Ma Zhanwu said that the two neighbouring countries, Myanmar and Bangladesh would also benefit from the project. He further said that a cluster of industries can also come up along the route. It will increase the possibility of economic development of countries involved in the Kunming-Kolkata high-speed rail link project, which is 2,800 km long, he added.

    At the conference in Kolkata, the Chinese Consul-General Ma Zhanwu also said that the high-speed rail link project was also mentioned at the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) meet in Kunming, China in the year 2015. Ma Zhanwu informed that the route of this high-speed rail link was aimed at boosting trade flow in the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) corridor. He also said that his country has been striving for the revival of the Silk Route in a bid to increase the connectivity from Kunming to Kolkata.

    While mentioning that the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is not a scheme designed by his country to conquer the rest of the world or its neighbouring countries, the Chinese diplomat added that the Kunming-Kolkata high-speed rail link project is all about “shared benefits and development” through consultations and discussions. Zhanwu added that China has been striving for revival of the Silk Route. This, he said , would increase connectivity from Kunming to Kolkata.

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