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    Burning waste to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cost for Egyptian cement makers

    Burning waste to reduce cost for Egyptian cement makers

    Egypt’s cement producers could save $51 million a year and lower greenhouse gas emissions by using waste to power plants, says a new report. The study, Unlocking Value: Alternative Fuels for Egypt’s Cement Industry, by IFC, part of World Bank Group, assessed the potential for producers to increase the use of alternative fuels and recommend sustainable market solutions. Those alternative fuels include municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, sewage, and old tires.. By 2025, the study suggests, alternative fuels could replace about 1.9 million tons of coal and prevent the release of 3.9 million tons of carbon dioxide. Egypt is executing a wide array of initiatives to provide new sources of energy. Amid a nationwide shortage of natural gas, a growing number of cement producers have turned to coal and petcoke to power their plants. By 2025, the sector will use about 9.7 million tonnes of coal/year, which alone will produce 27 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, posing health and environmental challenges for Egypt. The study, the first of its kind in Egypt, found the country produces enough alternative fuels to power the entire cement sector. It included a mapping tool that pinpoints the location of cement plants, sources of alternative fuels, and transport links.

    Source: aggregateresearch.com
    Image source: FGKH


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