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Campus Connect: Sika Workshop on Construction Chemicals at Sastra University


Sika Event 1Sika India as part of its drive to enhance the knowledge about construction chemicals amongst budding civil engineers had recently conducted a workshop on the use of construction chemicals for sustainable future, at Sastra University, Tanjavur, TamilNadu.

The event held on 16th February, 2014 was part of DAKSH, an international techno-management festival of Sastra University comprising of a myriad of events involving all trades of engineering. The workshop was conducted for the target group of students from civil engineering, structural engineering and construction management group of the University.

The response

Sika Event 2The workshop started off with a presentation on Construction Chemical Industry. The overall awareness on the developments and the scope of such a specialized industry within the field of civil construction was shared during the presentation. This was followed by a very informative presentation on Sika group which clearly illustrated the commitment of the group as a global leader towards durable and sustainable construction.

Through this workshop, students gained knowledge on various constructions chemical technologies in critical civil engineering structures like Concrete Admixtures, Treatment of joints in structures, Waterproofing, Refurbishment of old structures, Industrial floor treatments, specialized sealants and adhesives. The curiosity, excitement and happiness of receiving such unique information were clearly visible among the students.

The workshop was also attended by the faculty members of the Sastra University including the DEAN of Civil Engineering department, Dr Seshadri and associated Dean Dr. Saravana Raha Mohan The event was also attended by Chairman of Builders Association of India, Tanjavur chapter, Mr. Ravichandran and Public Relation Officer (PRO) of Federation of Civil Engineers Association of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (FACEAT & P), Mr.Vaidyanathan.

The fun and the frolic

The workshop was conducted in a very unique way without losing out on the fun part which was very well received by the students and the engagement level reached a mutually beneficial point. The students who attended all left the arena with a happy heart and an enriched mind. The best part of the day was the Q&A session which was so uniquely conducted that all students participated and went back with lots of prizes and Sika memorabilia.

The final words

As the workshop came to an end, Sika speakers advised the students that a career is more important than a job and one should follow their heart in finding the right path in their professional life.

The final word came from the Dean, Dr. Sheshadri who was evidently very happy and proud to see the acknowledgement from Sika Group for the excellent quality and involvement shown by the students and also thanked Sika group for conducting such a thought knowledgeable workshop.


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