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Cantilever Gates from Gandhi Automations


Gandhi Automations India’s No.1 Entrance Automations offers a wide range of automated sliding gates suitable to be installed at any industrial, commercial or residential premises. Gandhi Automations is the only manufacturer of gates in India certified to ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System by TUV Nord. This has resulted in the implementation of continuous improvement in personnel training, production, inspection, equipment calibration, machinery maintenance, logistics and customer relations. Gandhi designed and fabricated gates ensure high tensile strength and durability. These gates are not only aesthetically pleasing but sturdy and perfectly aligned. The pre-tensioning of the gate leaf construction reduces the risk of bending. The components used to fabricate the gates enhance the efficiency and life span of the gate. The leaf design is available in a standard form or custom made to suit individual clients’ requirements. Cantilevered sliding gates are available for a span of up to 30m suitable for securing commercial, industrial & public utilities. The advantage of using cantilevered gates is that they have no ground track or foundation in the roadway hence the vehicles do not experience any bumps. Cantilevered gates offer smooth, quiet operation due to no supports at the bottom of the gate. They are ideal for road surfaces which are uneven or sloping. The gate is also not prone to getting blocked by leaves or dirt hence reduced maintenance.

Cantilevered Sliding gates require flexible automations capable of managing different frame dimensions, different types of duty and different environmental conditions, always ensuring maximum operational safety, functioning and reliability. MPS startup of the automations at maximum power permits motor to overcome any initial friction caused by ice, dust, etc. Internal thermal switch protects motor and advance electronic control unit permits various operations like time adjustment, partial opening, automatic closing, step by step control, stop safety, reverse safety etc. The Sliding Gate is also equipped with obstacle detection which causes the gate movement to stop if an obstacle is detected during its motion.  In the event of power failure Gandhi gates can also be operated manually. A consistent quality product thus becomes the hallmark of Gandhi Automations’ manufacturing process right from installation to after sales service.

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