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We, at CASE India constantly innovate to make our equipment more fuel-efficient


CASE has invested in R&D, manufacturing quality and process im-provements at Pithampur plant. We have launched new models, including the new CASE 1107DX soil vibratory compactor and CASE 752 an improved version of the highest selling tandem compactor,” says Ajay Aneja, National Head of Sales, CASE India.


How do you assess the growth potential in the coming years?


Vibratory compactors demand re-flects the progress of the road sector. The year 2015 witnessed less degrowth on a YoY basis, thereby, indicating growth in 2016. CASE India utilized the slowdown to prepare for the next growth wave, which is imminent.

Brief us on the features that help improve the performance of your compactors’ range?

CASE emphasises on continuous pro-duct development to improve the equipment’s performance, with an eye to the environment.

Advanced engine and hydraulics – The CASE compactors are equipped with engines, which deliver excellent fuel-efficiency to add machine’s durability. The engine used in vibratory compactors is equipped with turbocharger waste gate control mechanisms. Engines are equip-ped with IEGRS Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation System to minimise the emissions to protect the environment.

Fuel Efficiency: The CASE 752 tandem compactor with water cooled engine results in a substantial temperature re-duction, which benefits customers with the engine’s longer life and lower fuel consumption.

Brief us on the initiatives taken to en-hance operator’s efficiency?

The operator’s environment has been designed to enhance the driver’s comfort and safe operation. The new 2-post canopy structure provides excellent visibility, which is further improved to the rear by the new sloping hood. The 90-degree clockwise rotating seat and the operator’s platform, isolated from vibration have been made for smooth and comfortable operation. The wrap-around railing contributes to better operator’s safety.
An operator is one of the biggest influencers on production, up-time, fuel burn, and machine life. CASE has successfully lowered the sound levels in all the construction equipment. This enhan-ces operator’s comfort, which in turn increases productivity, while keeping the pollution under control. For soil compactor, as well as, tandem compactor, it has isolated the cabin from the vibrations to make it more comfortable for operators.

What are the value-added services offered by CASE India?

CASE India offers product support throughout CASE Centres by providing spare parts, manuals and technical support to minimize downtime and maintain production schedules. The company has introduced CDPD – Customer-Driven Product Definition process, wherein, we invite equipment users to participate in defining and improving new products. This helps us further to understand the customers’ needs, in order to develop and test new models, based on customers’ specifications.

“CASE emphasises on continuous product development to improve the equipment’s performance, with an eye to the environment.”


Ajay Aneja,
National Head of Sales,
CASE India
Web: www.casece.com


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