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Case Range of Machines


CASE 752EX Vibratory Tandem Compactor

The CASE 752EX is equipped with a fuel-efficient FPT engine that deliver76 HP at 2200 rpm and torque of 332 Nm at 1300 rpm. This new-generation engine – developed by CNH Industrial subsidiary FPT Industrial, the world-leading manufacturer of engines, transmissions and powertrains – provides outstanding performance, fast response times, and best-in-class fuel economy. The 752EX’s operator compartment features a rotating operator seat and tiltable steering which gives excellent front and rear drum/nozzle visibility, making the drive and compaction process easier and safer. The look of the machine is enhanced by foldable canopy for ease of transportation, new fuel and water tanks and new sophisticated instrument cluster.

CASE 1107EX/CASE 1107EX-D/CASE 1107EX-PD  

CASE 1107EX soil compactor featuring a new FPT Industrial S8000 engine that delivers 100 HP at 2200 rpm. The turbo after cooled engine with internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation ensures best-in-class fuel economy. More than 2 million S8000 engines at work across the world are testament to the reliability of this proven power. The maximum applied force in the range of 34 tonnes is among the best in the industry. The hydrostatic variable speed control ensures the CASE 1107EX travels at the perfect speed for every type of soil, resulting in a uniform compaction.


CASE 450DX market leader in mini tandem compactor segment in India with more than 1600 machine population powered by Mahindra Industrial (MDI 2500) water-cooled diesel engine developing 45HP ensure best in class fuel efficiency and productivity. Mahindra MDI 2500 is proven and reliable engine in Indian condition and having huge population in India hence easy to get service and parts support. This machine with operating weight 3225 Kgs is a very popular choice for bituminous compaction and has tandem drums with dual frequency of 55 Hz and 65 Hz at amplitudes of 0.6mm developing maximum applied force of 6035 Kgfper drum. 450DX is perfectly suited for Shoulder compaction, Service roads and basement compaction with compact design (Length – 2.9 m, Width – 1.3 m).

CASE Graders

CASE Construction offers a range of Graders, mainly for Mining & Road Construction and irrigation projetcs. Two different models (CASE 845B and CASE 865B)  are available for the Indian market. These machines are manufactured in and imported from Brazil.

The main features of CASE 845B ideal for road construction & CASE 865B ideal for mining application are:

Fuel Efficient FPT Engine VHP: Both the845B and 865B are equipped with an FPT engine with Variable Horse Power(845B along with dual HP-150HP / 173HP and 865B with triple HP- 193HP /205 HP / 220 HP) :  it delivers maximum performance with minimum fuel consumption in any working condition. There are more than 2 lakh FPT engines working extraordinarily well in the field today, a testament to the reliability of the engine performance.

Multi Radius Moldboard: CASE Motor Graders are fitted with an exclusive Moldboard with a patented Multiradius profile, which not only pushes the material, but also induces material roll-off. This reduces the load on the blade, and hence results in better productivity & excellent Fuel efficiency. The Moldboard features best-in-class thickness of 22mm, which greatly enhances the durability. Hydraulic pitch adjustment allows operators to easily control moldboard from the cabin.

Heavy Duty A-Frame: The “A” frame of the drawbar is robust and rigid. Larger wear surface provides longer life (reduces wear) and the Externally driven circle is easy to clean and better protected in case of shocks.

Comfortable Operator Compartment: The closed cabin of the CASE Graders is Air conditioned & roomy, and provides the operator with a Comfortable & silent work environment to work in. The seat, levers & inclinable console are ergonomically laid out.  The rear mounted cab allows remains facing the direction of travel, even when articulating. As a result, visibility of the moldboard and the front is excellent.

Easy Serviceability: It’s easy to service & maintain CASE Graders. A single piece engine hood, with 90° turnable battery provides full access to engine compartment and all check points from ground level.

All these advantages allow the operator to focus on completing the job faster, while being enhancing Productivity and saving money.

CASE India offers exciting portfolio of Only Loaders and loader backhoes customized for the Indian market.



Loader Backhoe

CASE India, have its PRO Series loader backhoe to support in mining activities. This prominent earth moving equipment deployed at mining sites can be used as an excavator and a loader.

While backhoe helps in digging the trench, loader helps in Loading or back-filling it. Given to their huge demand, CASE India offers 770 EX PRO, CASE 770 EX Magnum PRO and 851 EX PRO in its loader backhoe segment to perform some of the most difficult tasks at the job site such as lifting, grabbing objects, dozing, drilling or levelling the ground. The CASE PRO Series Loader Backhoes are powered by an FPT Industrial S8000 engine which delivers powerful performances and fast response time. The Series is re-engineered from the ground-up to deliver industry-leading backhoe breakout force, higher loader lift capacity/reach and best-in-class cab visibility.

The new PRO Series Loader Backhoe has a robust, robotically welded two-piece structural frame design which results in great stability, performance and serviceability. To give the series a muscular look, there is a dual-colour tone, with a mix of Grey on the lower parts of the machine and Power Tan colour on the upper parts. Bigger buckets allow greater load lifting and increase productivity. The series is equipped with a superior working range and reaches deeper than any other loader backhoe. There is a choice of two configurations: a standard dipper dig depth of 4.5 and 4.7 meters, or an extendable dig depth of 5.9 meters. In the spacious cabin, the operator seat and ergonomics have been redesigned to offer better comfort and smooth lever operations.

CASE India offers unique advantages of high productivity for lower cost per tonne and low operation and maintenance cost, making it the preferred choice for mining equipment and mining machinery amongst the industry.

Only Loader

The 770EX OL being the primary machine for material loading and haulage in mining industry is powered by a 3.9-liter 4-cylinder FPT Industrial S8000 engine with a mechanical injection system. The key features include delivery of powerful performance and fast response coupled with 8% higher productivity and fuel savings of up to 10% versus comparable products in the market.

770 EX OL contributing to next generation innovations is equipped with 10% bigger size of Loader bucket that allows more load lift per bucket. Both the EX series only Loaders are equipped with power shuttle transmission technology which provides four forward and reverse speeds. The hydraulically shifted clutches allow the operator to change direction in heavy operating conditions and travel speed on the go, while the control valves deliver smooth speed and direction shifts, resulting in smooth and precise operations. The new single-piece engine hood provides excellent access for maintenance and best-in-class serviceability. The machine layout is designed to ensure all daily and mining service points are easily accessible at ground level for quick and efficient servicing. Everything is Heavy Duty in EX OL, from tanks to rims to fenders to further boost productivity especially when working in rough terrains.

For enhanced operator comfort, the 770EX OL has a redesigned, spacious cab with operator friendly features such as a large buddy seat, storage compartments, mobile charger, document holder, bottle holder, radio, etc. Large glazed windows provide outstanding all-round visibility, improve air ventilation to the operator, and make it easy to listen to any early warning indication coming from any part of the machine.

CASE 770EX OL has an optional feature of CASE India’s revolutionary EAGLE EYE telematics solution for enhancing the performance and efficiency of the machines. This Asset Monitoring System combines internet, cellular and GPS technologies to keep an eye on details such as the real-time location of the machine, operating hours and cumulative hours, and sends warning text alerts.

CASE India EX only loader 770EX-Magnum-OL and 851EX-OL are available in 86HP and 96HP category respectively.


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