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    The Cat D6T XL Crawler Dozers

    Cat D6T XL

    The Non LGP Cat D6T XL crawler has a C9.3 ACERT engine model with a 5- speeds power shift transmission including 5 reverse gears. The Bi-directional shift Cat- Make paraphernalia has a 207 horsepower with a maximum speed of 7mph forward and 9 mph reverse operating by a single handle with a thumb roller control, this allows the dozer to achieved efficient work time. Its operating weight without the ripper is 46,263 pounds.

    The dimensional height of the D6T XL is 10ft 4in high and its total length without the ripper is 16ft 10in long. It has a 9ft 5in extra long track in length with a width ranging from 22in to 24in. The track gauge is about 74in and its ground clearance is 15in with an undercarriage design to protect major parts from impacts during the operation.

    The dozer has a Semi-Universal blade type with a width of 10ft 8.4in wide and its height is 55.6in allowing the machine to achieved more quantity of work in load capacity. The hydraulic blade can adjust lift angle and tilt to 17.9in for precise result and it can dig to a depth of 31.9in. It comes with a multi shank ripper and its depth is about 19.7in weighing about 3,606 pounds each.

    Cat GRADE a factory graded control system is an optional offer by Cat.

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    Picture Sources: google.co.in


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