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Catering the Precise Needs with Sustainable Approach and Full Safety Measures Serving Customers

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Shree Annailakshmi Exports

Almost every passing day new products catering the needs of the construction industry are launched. However, only a select few of them can be called truly unique and innovative.  One such growing concept is the chemical demolition technology. “EasyBlast” is surely one of them.

EasyBlast is one of the renowned non-explosive demolition agent suppliers in India is based in Bangalore. The aim of the company is to provide high-performance non-explosive demolition agents that deliver reliable blasting without causing any damage to the environment.  It has which is a high range soundless non-explosive massively expansive mortar cracking agent, can be said to be them. This truly innovative product has created a revolution in the field of rock excavation and concrete demolition. The top features of the non-explosive concrete demolition agents provided by the easy blast are soundless blasting, no explosive, no vibrators, and eco-friendly. The company also specializes in building demolishing services and is considered a pioneer in this field.

Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Mr. Sughandhan, V.P-Marketing, Shree Annailakshmi Exports wherein he shared insights on the company’s sustainable approach and technological advancement.

Share an insight of complete range of services provided by the company?

We are engaged in providing reliable solutions related to concrete structures demolition, rock excavation and boulders demolition, etc. Our company is instrumental in its business since its commencement in 2015 as a Sole Proprietorship based venture with its unit stationed at Bangalore, Karnataka (India). With our specialization in the domain of Chemical Demolition Technology, we deliver Stone Cracking Powder/Concrete Demolition Chemical/Silent Rock Demolition Agent to our customers. We are also known to provide services such as end to end Concrete Structures Demolition, Rock Demolition, Drilling Service, Core Cutting, Concrete Chipping Service, Land Development Service and others. Offered products are manufactured at our vendors end with the use of advanced technology and quality grade factor inputs keeping quality consistently maintained. We execute services as per the precise needs of our customers and take full safety measures while serving customers.

What are the concrete structures demolition services offered by the company?

In regard to concrete demolition we provide a sustainable and economical service. If you are planning to take down an old building before constructing the new one, we suggest using concrete demolition chemicals from Easy Blast. Our concrete demolition powder and chemicals are manufactured using advanced technologies and top-grade raw materials. Their high expansive power will swiftly and safely break down even huge concrete structures. Easy Blast is one of the most Safe Concrete Demolition option. Concrete blasting chemicals from Easy Blast are noiseless and safe to use. You need to drill holes in the concrete structure and pour the chemical slurry.



Explain the research and development that work goes behind the curtain of the company services?

In order to strengthen our position in the competitive market, we conduct regular research & development program at our unit. With the help of our proficient researcher, we carry out various research works to move with the changing dynamics of the market. This, in turn, also helps in upgrading our range with the latest industry standards. To be at par with the excellence, we incorporate various research related techniques to improvise our range. The R&D activities also help in increasing our industry knowledge which in turn also helps in the development of the organization. Besides, we also conduct market research for analyzing the best vendor to procure the products from.

How much sustainable are Easy Blast products?

Easyblast provides a safer, silent and less labor intensive solution to rock and concrete breaking. It is efficient and clean, increases productivity and safety. Easyblast  continuously conducts research and bring the latest Technological Advancements to the Marketplace. We possess the sound infrastructure that plays an instrumental role in enhancing the production rate by using advance technology and deploying new techniques. We recruit the entire team after testing their abilities in their domain and thereby utilize the technology available to the best. After doing the extreme research we cater to the needs and requirements of the clients. We are backed by a group of well qualified and experienced professionals who work throughout the day to yield high quality services. All the members of our team are employed after testing their abilities in their respective field of operation.

Apart from building demolition services, how is the process of rock removal by non-explosive method done by the company?

Easy Blast offers high-quality rock breaking chemicals that can crack even huge boulders in just a few minutes. Safe and easy to use, our stone blasting chemicals are suitable for all kinds of demolition works. Whether you are laying a road or blasting a rock to build a tunnel, our rock removal chemicals will be perfect.


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