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CCMA – CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION – The Illustrator of the Construction Chemical Industry


The body aims in catering the idea of bringing out a standard construction chemical product. It preaches holistic approach towards production and upgradation of construction chemicals.



In an effort to provide safer and faster construction system, there has been an unforeseen rise in the demand for construction chemicals. Construction chemical industry is witnessing an upsurging demand. The momentum of this staggering growth can be maintained by recognizing construction chemicals as an industry and backing it with incentives and rationalization of government taxes, duties, and levies. Owing to this CCMA came in operation. Industry leaders have come together to form a 55 member strong Construction Chemicals Manufacturers’ Association (CCMA) whose key objective is to promote the growth of the construction chemicals industry by raising the awareness and quality standards concerned. The key objective of CCMA is to promote the growth of the construction chemicals industry by raising the awareness and quality standards as well act as a representative body for communicating with government, chambers of commerce, regulatory authorities and other forums, be it domestic or international.

The body works to promote and accelerate the growth of the construction chemicals Industry in India by collecting and disseminating statistical and technical information and creating awareness to maintain high standards among users. The body also acts a constructive forum to communicate with Governmental bodies / Associations, Chambers of Commerce and other commercial, industrial and public bodies within or outside India to promote the objectives of the association. It aims to raise awareness amongst construction chemicals manufacturers. It works towards applicability and maintenance of high standards and business ethics in manufacturing and in the services provided for the benefit of end users, through continuous education programs by means of training and upgrading the skills of personnel by organizing workshops, conferences, lectures, seminars, disseminating in-formation through periodicals or journals, books, institution of scholarships, fellowships, awards, and encouraging research studies, in the field of construction chemicals.

It also preaches to become a member of or otherwise affiliate or cooperate with any other body in India or elsewhere for which the association has a common interest to establish, cooperate with, or receive into the association or otherwise assist any association or accept affiliation of any other association having objectives similar to those of the association. Moreover, it wishes to standardize all such acts, deeds, and things as may be necessary and conducive to the manufacture, and development of trade and commerce in relation to or incidental to the construction chemicals industry, be it the promotion or attainment of the overall interest of the association.

On the eve of Anniversary issue, keeping up with its theme of upliftment of institutional and engineering bodies in India, Masterbuilder had a one-to-one chat with Samir Surlaker, President, CCMA. Mr. Samir Surlaker is a Civil and Structural Engineer from VJTI having over 40 years of National and International experience and exposure in Concrete Technology, Construction Chemicals, Repair and Rehabilitation Strategies, Injection Systems, Waterproofing, Flooring, etc. in Germany, Europe, Middle East, Far East and India. He retired as the Managing Director of MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd., on 31st March 2016. He is currently Director of Institute for International Talent Development and is undertaking Consultancy Assignments as Principal Consultant at Assess Buildchem Pvt. Ltd.

During the conversation, he shared his insights on common queries related to CCMA objectives and future plans. Here the are few excerpts of the interview.


Samir Surlaker


How is CCMA strategizing to reach out to a large number of people?

We believe CCMA has been instrumental in raising key awareness of the industry and correct usage of Construction Chemicals CC across the construction industry in India. The process has been slow and arduous but is gaining traction and speed faster than ever before. More than 4 years on, we are firmly on track in our objectives to increase awareness.

With Five successful International C3 (Construction Chemicals Conference) events in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore behind us, we are also taking the initiative further to India’s regional centers with our C3R (Construction Chemicals Conference Regional) events. This initiative continues with further regional events in Maharashtra, and eastern India. The audience for our C3 events normally exceeds 400 people, and those for our C3R events is capped at 150-200. With so many events we have successfully reached the top brass of the construction industry across various parts of the country.

The participants for these events were end users, specifiers, government decision makers etc. These seminars also focus on problems faced by decision makers to specify and use these products with confidence. International speakers were invited who could instill confidence in our local civil engineering fraternity about benefits of usage of Construction Chemicals. The success of our seminar series is a good indication that the interest in correct usage of construction chemicals is fast gaining ground due to the benefits in speed, durability and life-cycle costs it provides.

In addition, with the support of publications such as The MasterBuilder, CECR and many others, we constantly strive to update the professionals across India with our activities and thus try and maintain reach to a very large audience across India.

With constant innovation all around, how does the body keeps updated its provisions?

Being part of the Construction and the chemical industry simultaneously, presents us with a set of challenges very unique to the CC industry. The construction chemical (CC) industry, though present for over 30 years in India has seen very limited growth. Even today, with more people aware of us, we are still dubbed as an rising industry. Paints, Cement, Concrete, etc. as an industry have by-far overtaken Construction Chemicals both in terms of Revenue and Visibility.

Our Managing Committee today comprises of the top professionals in the CC industry, who keenly follow market trends, latest technical innovations and the growth of the industry in general. Their insights gives us an excellent idea as to how we should steer our awareness raising programs. Based on the needs of the industry, the CCMA then drives initiatives to enhance the growth of the industry as a whole. Updating our provisions and objectives is one component of this activity and we endeavour to do it regularly in the interest of the industry.

What pivotal steps have been taken by the body to increase awareness amongst end users in the B2B supply chain about the benefits of using construction chemicals?

We have been able to influence decision makers both on an organizational (CCMA) level as well as company specific levels. There is a change in the thought process as far as use of construction chemicals is concerned among the top consultants and constructors in the country. Professionals have applauded our efforts to raise awareness and have also embraced correct practices with regards to usage of construction chemicals.

With the growing investment in construction that India is seeing, the opportunities for the construction chemicals (CC) industry to grow is tremendous. Due to efforts of CCMA and our member companies, the awareness about construction chemicals and their correct usage is also growing. This allows our playing field to expand tremendously. Construction Chemicals are no longer synonymous with only concrete admixtures and waterproofing, but the image is also expanding to meet new and varied fields like machinery foundations, soil stabilization, protective coatings, repair systems, rehabilitation of heritage structures, beautiful floorings, chemically resistive coatings, plasters, tile fixing solutions, screeds and the like.

In a very short amount of time BIS has agreed that CCMA will be on key IS Code committees to take view point of expert CCMA members in the formulation of codes. This will help in the standardization process. We are also developing key handbooks and specifications for construction chemicals alongwith professional organizations such as ICI, IBMS, etc. This will help more codes and knowledge reach the end consumers and B2B consumers, which will further help us make construction better.

We are also looking to unite the industry further and rope in most manufacturer’s to bring them under a technically superior umbrella. With this holistic approach, we are confident of improving the systematic use of construction chemicals.


construction chemical


Apart from a handbook on the correct usage of Construction Chemicals, what other attempts are being taken to introduce technical topics in the academic syllabi?

We are at the moment, focussed more on getting the professional fraternity aware of the correct usage of construction chemicals. We however, do recognize the importance of educating the next generation of professionals as well. CCMA also fosters relationships with other professional bodies like ICI and ACCE, who have a strong student membership body. At the moment, we cater to students through or regional seminar or joint seminar format, where they can have a complete overview of our industry. Due to this Construction Chemicals is finding a lot of interest in academic circles too. We hope to soon avail of this opportunity with specific training courses and programs for academic institutions. We hope with these initiatives, we can soon introduce Construction Chemicals as a subject in academic syllabi [like concrete technology].

How has been the development been in the policy making since last year?

We are glad to say that CCMA’s awareness increasing initiatives are slowly but steadily gaining traction in the Construction Industry and fraternity. Due to this a need is felt for CCMA to be on committees involved in drafting codes and specifications for bodies such as BIS and IBMS. The thought is: with increasing awareness in the fraternity, with specifiers and consultants recognizing importance of performance specifications, the CC industry will find representation to promote correct usage of construction chemicals. In a very short amount of time BIS has agreed that CCMA will be on key IS Code committees to take view point of expert CCMA members in the formulation of codes. This will help in the standardization process.

With the CC industry being a part of construction standardization through handbooks, specifications and codes, we see a much more positive future for the industry.

Details on Eligibility criteria for Membership- [fees, terms and conditions]-



Details on Student Membership-
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Since it is an industry association, individual or student memberships are not currently open.



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