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    Choosing the best Skylight System


    Sunlight is free, after all, so that means adding a skylight means subtracting from your month-to-month electricity bill. Whereas older skylights earned a reputation for unpredictable performance, mainly due to moisture problems, the technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. In fact, today’s homeowner can choose among skylight options that weren’t readily available, or didn’t even exist, only a few decades ago. Skylights are a lovely way to let natural lighting flood through your home interior. Daylighting will also save you energy bills. Former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson was so beholden by skylights that when he built his own home – known as Monticello – he incorporated 13 skylights, including an oculus. The world’s longest skylight can be found in one of Canada’s shopping malls, the Core Shopping Mall. The skylight has dimensions of 85 feet by 656 feet and includes 1,740 pieces of glass.

    Materials, Light Shafts & Types

    There are three main types of skylights, ventilating (sometimes called “roof windows”), fixed, and tubular. They come in a range of different shapes, including flat, arched, domed, and pyramid.

    Skylight glazing is generally made from plastic or glass. Units with insulation tend to hold up longer than single-layer skylights.

    • Plastic glazing, often in the form of acrylics, is more economical and very sturdy. Unless it has a special coating, it can yellow over time and tends to allow more UV rays into the space.
    • Glass glazing requires a slightly larger initial investment but provides long-lasting durability.
    • Solar-heat control glazing adds energy efficiency.

    Choose the best one

    Fixed skylights

    Fixed skylights are very similar to ventilating skylights overall. These types of skylights are also available with durable plastic domes that go over the outside of it. These aren’t entirely necessary, as when you install these skylights properly they are sealed very well. The joints always need to be tightly sealed to ensure that moisture doesn’t get inside and cause any problems. Some people like to install the durable plastic domes just for the sake of having the extra peace of mind.Around 90 percent of the materials used in the fixed skylight is glass and the frame are made of steel, or aluminium, or timber.

    Ventilating Skylights

    One of the most popular types of skylights are the ventilating skylights. These types of skylights are capable of providing a significant amount of additional light to any room where ever you want it. Essentially, this is going to be adding a new window onto the roof of your house. This window is going to give you added lighting and it also works perfectly to give yourself a nice view of the night sky.

    Tubular Skylights

    Tubular skylights are incredibly convenient for those who don’t have as much space on their ceilings as others. These skylights are quite compact, but they will still be able to provide an ample amount of additional lighting to whatever room you decide to install them in. These are perfect option when the roof space required for fixed or ventilated skylight is not available or scarce.

    Solar Ventilating Skylight

    Solar powered ventilating skylight is going to operate in much the same way as a normal electric-powered skylight. It will come with a small remote control device that you can use to open and close the skylight window. It will work very reliably and you won’t ever have any issues with it. Keep your remote somewhere convenient so that you will be able to open the skylight when the mood strikes you.

    Curb-Mounted And Deck-Mounted Skylights

    A deck-mounted skylight is directly attached to the roof deck. It comes with a built-in frame/curb, and you need to seal it, using waterproof materials (underlayments). A flashing kit is also used to cover the seam and the underlayment, to make the installation water-tight. The flashing system varies with brands.

    Curb-mounted skylights require you to build a curb (typically a wood curb) and to attach it to the roof deck around the roof opening. The skylight only includes a frame with the insulated glass panes and, in many cases, rubber gaskets and a flashing system. 



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