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Christian Medical College (CMC, Vellore) Goes the Precast Way

Sore RoomThe Indian precast industry is all set to usher in a new era in the construction industry. One of the top names in this field is Teemage Precast. The company, based out of Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, is a total solution provider in the precast industry and has successfully completed nearly 10 lakh sq.ft (30 projects) of precast buildings since its inception in 2012.

Teemage Precast is considered a pioneer in the field and belongs to the famed “The Chennai Silks” group of companies, which has been in the textile industry in Tamil Nadu, since 1962.Canteen

Teemage Precast has taken rapid strides on the basis of its strong commitment to quality and expertise in the technology. One of its prestigious clients has been the Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore. Considered on one of the top most medical institutions in the country, CMC Vellore has taken a big step forward with respect to its construction activities by using precast concrete technology.

Exam HallThe interest for using the precast construction technology was generated amongst the top management of CMC, when Teemage Precast was constructing “The Chennai Silks” Vellore project in mid-2013.

The Engineering & planning division of CMC had visited the site along with the architects. They got impressed with the efficiency in the system and immediately took a decision to give it a try. The technology enables completion of projects well in advance, as compared to conventional construction methods and also requires minimum Gymcoordination.  This in turn converts into significant savings both in terms of time and overall project cost.


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