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Clay Facades: A Touch of Class to Your Building


Today, a building has to be sustainable, definitely energy-efficient and each architectural design must offer a benefit. Clay facades are so versatile and adaptable that they can meet all these requirements – even the demand to be outstanding. Especially when it comes to smart cities, it is imperative that the buildings project a sense of intelligent design to abide by the overall city planning.

Wienerberger aims to provide customers with products for the whole building envelope that meet the requirements of the contemporary architects’ style quotient. We understand and appreciate the architect’s unique design aspirations and attempt to fulfil them through our natural, aesthetically appealing clay building products that can tastefully match the design requirements of the building.

Ventilated Clay Facades

Wienerberger 1By definition, good architecture implies an unending creative quest for new applications. The use of clay for facade cladding is perfectly attuned to this philosophy. Clay facade tiles have already been used for protecting dormer windows, gables ends and blind facades. But they also offer major technical and architectural advantages as facade cladding. Aspect Clay Ventilated Façade systems, an offering by Wienerberger, provides the architect with the opportunity to experiment with colour, styles and finishes that can lend a touch of singular beauty to the building.

Facade and curtainwall systems are of paramount importance when considering issues of green building and sustainable design. It becomes imperative for a building construction specialist to understand the importance of improving the performance and sustainability of the building envelope, and commit oneself to support sustainable design efforts.

Many proponents of high-performance, green design certainly believe that it is high time to move away from the conventional façade formats mostly visible in high-rise, high-design buildings for the past half-century. Some of the world’s most prominent “green” skyscrapers are looking at greener options to envelope their buildings. The high environmental cost to ‘all that glitters’ leads to increased energy consumption. Until new glazing technologies make technical solutions more affordable, many experts suggest that we should collectively end our infatuation with conventional materials and look for more environmental friendly materials like “Clay” as façade options.

A correctly executed facade cladding, with clay façade tiles, is an excellent heat insulator. Thanks to its mass, ceramic has a high heat buffering capacity. The effect is as if the house were sheathed in a continuous second skin. This minimizes heat loss in winter and prevents overheating during summer.

Wienerberger 2In addition, thick layers of insulating material can be inserted between the load-bearing structure and the ceramic facade. This facilitates meeting the strictest U-value requirements for vertical walls as well.

Also thanks to their mass, clay tiles have good acoustic insulating properties. For example, they ensure excellent sound proofing in the event of hail. Aspect Clay facades conform to International Quality standards and comfortably meet the design requirements of indigenous architectural design trends. These tiles are extruded Ceramic Façade elements.

Aspect technical Benefits

Sustainable building material, with multiple benefits:

–              Long life of 50 to 60 years

–              Provides thermal insulation and weather protection

–              Provides improved sound insulation by approx. 9dB

–              Frost-proof, non-flamable (material class A1)

–              Protection against impact, resistance to graffiti

–              Virtually maintenance-free

Aspect Design Benefits

Available in a variety of formats (see product matrix):

–              Diverse colours: besides standard colours, custom colours can be produced with

–              Engobe or glaze effect

–              Tile surfaces: natural, glazed engobed, grooved or structured

–              Perfectly align with traditional construction materials, thus ideal for building renovation

Features of the Rear Ventilated Facade

–              Weather protection

–              Preventing heat accumulation

–              Moisture control

–              Sound protection

–              Thermal insulation

–              Fire protection

The clay facades can be seamlessly used for any format of building from residential to commercial, Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Institutions and even independent houses. Whatever the purpose, the envelope ensure it makes a lasting impression.

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